30 Incredible Bat Tattoos


Bats are both feared and adored because of its face and an overly famous superhero. Just a quick fact for everyone, bats are the only mammals that are capable of true flight and yes, flying lemurs do not fly.

Its fearsome face, which if you look closely, resembles that of a dog, makes a good subject for tattoos and nightmares. Bat inspired tattoos mostly are done using black ink considering the common color of bats. There are tats showing cloud of bats taking off to the night skies and there are also samples of single bats highlighting their wingspan or their faces. Some inks explore being different and features comical and graphical versions of a bat.

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According to a good friend of mine who loves bats so much, knowing one’s true identity cannot be determined only through judging one’s physical appearance rather, its what the person do that defines him/her. So get your own bat tattoos now and fly through the night sky.

Below are the 30 Incredible Bat Tattoos for everyone! You may also check our 35 Traditional Moth Tattoo Designs collection!

30Comical Bat Forearm Tattoo

Comical Bat Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: TattooEasily