30 Imposing Joker Tattoo Designs


Batman has always been a pop icon ever since I can remember. This DC hero franchise has transcend the passing generations and still considered to be one of the most profitable tv, movie, and comic theme in all time.

Matching the undying fame of the dark knight is the influence of his famous villains. Who could ever forget the allure of Catwoman, the wit of The Riddler, the coldness of Mr. Freeze, and the cunningness of The Penguin. However, among the awesome collection of Batman’s nemeses, one stood at the top of the heap which topples the fame of all other villains combined, maybe even Batman’s—and everyone knows him as The Joker.

The diabolical genius that is The Joker built his reputation around his way of doing things. Most people say he is the true alter-ego of Batman, not Bruce Wayne. This reputation and iconic facial makeup made The Joker one of the most loved comic characters of all time, even if he’s undeniably evil in all forms.

Movie actors that play The Joker becomes the “it” of Hollywood for decades, well, except for Heath Ledger who took the role very seriously and didn’t had enough will power to control it which eventually ended his life.

No wonder, tattoo artists love to make Joker designs, in all styles, in all techniques one can imagine. I mean, it is a given, if you have The Joker tattoo, literally all people will adore you and that’s “The Joker” magic right there.

Below are the 30 Imposing Joker Tattoo Designs:

301. Color Splatter Joker Back Tattoo

Color Splatter Joker Back Tattoo
Image Credit: Tumblr