30 Gorgeous Fall Inspired Tattoo Designs


In the northern hemisphere, people get to experience four seasons—Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The changing of seasons not only changes the weather but the lifestyle as well and for foreigners that caught within these changes, adjusting is one hell of a challenge.

All seasons have its ups and downs but for me, the fall season maybe the most dramatic season of all. This season happens from September Equinox to December Solstice. Autumn is best known for falling leaves just like all songs and poems go.

Tattoo artists grab this chance for inspiration of their art. There are many autumn-themed tattoo designs to choose from. Earth colors such as brown and yellow are also very good choices for painting the tats.

Here are the 30 Gorgeous Fall Inspired Tattoo Designs for inspiration:

301. Subtle Falling Maple Leaves

Subtle Falling Maple Leaves
Image Credit: Instagram