30 Glorious Horse Tattoo Designs


There are a lot of things our there in the world that believed to bring luck to us humans. Some of these examples are a 4-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, or a simple coin. It is in humans that we find something extraordinary in these things that somehow let them pull in positive forces towards us.

In this article, we showcase not just a lucky animal, but also majestic in form– the horses. Horses aided humans mainly for transportation and sports. Some collects horse figurines and arts because they believe that these animals not just bring ease to human lives, but also are carriers of good luck and prosperity.

Tattooing horses on one’s skin is no exception. These tattoo enthusiasts also believe that having a horse tat will perpetually provide them with good fortune. Whatever styles or ways its been made, horse tattoos always looks great once done.

Here are the 30 Glorious Horse Tattoo Designs to get you inspired by!

301. Gorgeous Horse Tattoo

Gorgeous Horse Tattoo
Image Credit: Tattoodo