30 Geometric Sleeve Tattoo Designs


Repeating patterns and polygons have proven to create amazing designs not just for graffiti or traditional arts but also in tattoos. Geometric tattoos were featured numerous times already in this website with different subjects on different skin locations. For this post, we will be showcasing another set of geometric inks however this time, it will be covering a lot more skin.

Sleeve tattoos are meant for the real tattoo junkies out there. Its not an easy decision to commit to a large scale tattoo that is almost impossible to hide. As a compensation, geometric designs offer some of the best sleeve tats that are hard to resist. Most of these sleeve tattoos have a mandala as its main component then combined with repeating geometric designs like snowflakes, honeycomb, and nettings.

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Geometric sleeve tattoos are intricate and awesome tattoo choices that need patience from the bearer when getting one and also needs a bit more of the usual confidence when wearing it after its done. These tattoos are just waiting for you guys, they are always ready to level up your world.

29Dotted Connecting Circles Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Dotted Connecting Circles Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Image Credit: TattooBox