30 Fancy Koi Tattoo Designs


There is no doubt that Koi is one of the most popular tattoo design aside from being an ornamental fish. Koi, which is Japanese for carp, is not only loved for lot of its aesthetic qualities that can be explored in creating new masterpieces on skin, but also for their significance.

For most people, koi is the symbol for overcoming great adversities or obstacles in life. There are two slightly similar origins that is represented in each artwork. In the Japanese culture, Koi represents determination. They are known to swim against the current, significantly, climbing waterfalls and succeed with the right amount of perseverance. And so represent such. Asper the Chinese origin story, they swam against the current towards the Dragon gate and when they arrived, they turned into Dragons.

The koi design had drawn in all their colors; blue, yellow, red, white, and orange, and also paired with different symbols such as yin and yang, dragons, lotus, and a combination of all kinds.

Here are the 30 Fancy Koi Tattoo Designs to get inspired by!

301. Blackwork Koi Back Tattoo

Blackwork Koi Back Tattoo
Image Credit: Tumblr