30 Exquisite Connecting Tattoo Designs


Do you know how humans achieved development and advancement through time effectively aside from being the most intelligent animal? It is through connection. The moment our earliest ancestors created groups and societies, that is when they start dominating this planet. By establishing connections and relationships, everyone contributes to the bigger pool of knowledge which propels the civilization to greater heights.

Humans are bound to be connected to at least one person through his/her lifetime. Without a bond form, a person will never know him/herself and eventually cease to exist. That is how important relationship to us, and to all living things as well.

With tattoos you own or planning to have, would you love that somehow it also forms connections and relationships? Well, you are in good luck because there are tattoo designs out there that are connecting. Connecting tattoos just means two tattoo designs put in different parts of the body which if these body parts place beside each other, the tattoos merge into one awesome design. There are a lot of concepts for this technique as long as the key element of surprise is there.

Below are the 30 Exquisite Connecting Tattoo Designs that will definitely take your breath away!

301. Connecting Landscape Hand Tattoos

Connecting Landscape Hand Tattoos

Image Credit: Pinterest