30 Enthralling Libra Scale Tattoo Designs


Balance is what makes this world function. You may not notice it but when something is observed and felt to be too much, nature or the human body always finds a way to bring back the balance and normalize things. In science we call this homeostasis or the natural state of balance while in art, the art is illustrated rather interestingly.

In relation to the subject matter at hand, what we have for you guys this time are tattoos that feature a vintage weighing scale which famously known as the Libra. The Libra scale does not actually measure the weight of one thing directly, rather, the scale tells us which is heavier of two chosen items. This is the reason why the Libra scale is famous in illustrating the comparison of intangible things and contrasting beliefs. Examples of which are the good and bad, light and day, yin and yang, fire and water, and guilty or not. All of what was mentioned has a sample or two in this article depicted in different tattoo techniques and placement.

The Libra scale may be an unusual subject for tats but there are a lot of tattoo enthusiasts that are intrigued and fascinated by it. Try to look at some of the samples below and maybe you will also develop a liking to this traditional inspiration after.

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Here are the 30 Enthralling Libra Scale Tattoo Designs! You may also check another awesome collection of our, the 35 Solid Black Tattoo Designs.

30Traditional Dotwork Scale Upper Back Tattoo

Traditional Dotwork Scale Upper Back Tattoo

Image Credit: AskIdeas