30 Creative Compass Tattoo Designs For Men


The compass is one of the things you can easily associate with the seas and sea travels. Even during the early times, this instrument is so useful in helping seafarers navigate through the vast oceans. Not only it describes the life of sea travel, compass also symbolizes choosing the life you wanted for yourself.

Because of its great symbolism and connection, compass is also a famous subject for tattoo designs. Compass designs can be paired with any object like roses, anchor, and stars. Usually, this is the tattoo preferred by people who works at a shipping line or in a cruise.

The subject itself is not that complicated and big. A small compass can still be recognizable from afar. Because of this, this tattoo design can be placed anywhere. However, for men, this design is great for the upper arm on in the biceps, just like the famous Popeye. Men, who usually braves the ocean to become a crew of big ships, a compass tattoo is one way to let the public know that they are proud of their career and the life they have chosen.

Below are the 30 Creative Compass Tattoo Designs For Men:

301. 3D Compass Forearm Tattoo

3D Compass Forearm Tattoo
Image Credit: Men’s Tattoo IDeas