30 Couple Crown Tattoos


If a man truly loves his partner, they became the king and queen of their world. Not only that they offer each other’s time and effort, for them, their partner’s wishes will always be their priority.

In order to seal the contract of their fate, some couples ink king and queen crowns to each other, matching tattoos for life. There are a lot of forms and designs to this theme that makes it a good matching options for couples. From the samples, there are large crowns inked while others incorporate scripts and letters to tiny crowns. There are also crowns that are rendered in 3D fashion that are like branded into the skins.

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Enjoy the few samples below which the internet generously shared to us. If you and you’re partner are game, try getting these tattoos. Not just for fun but more importantly, it will be your testament to each other that you rule each others’ lives.

30Watercolor Couple Crown Forearm Tattoos

Watercolor Couple Crown Forearm Tattoos

Image Credit: Cuded