30 Chic Yet Mighty Lion Tattoos For Females


Women empowerment is one issue that is going on around the world right now. The women populace are now stressing their right to equality especially in politics, sports, and organizational leadership.

Obviously, women who fights for equality are the strong women. Like strong men, these women are represented with symbols of strength and dominance. One symbol of strength is the lion and this symbol can be seen in many things like flags, ranks, and even in tattoos. Lion tattoos for women are rare however slowly becoming famous. From the samples we’ve found, lady lion tats usually are designed with flowers or with colors. Though the subject is a lion, there is an obvious feminine touch to it which fits the design to the personality of the owner.

Lion tats for women signify that the bearers are not easy to be trampled with ideals and discrimination. So to all guys out there, whenever you see a lady with a lion tattoo inked on their skin, you better make sure that you approach them with caution or else, you will be eaten alive (figuratively).

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Here are the 30 Chic Yet Mighty Lion Tattoos For Females that will surely take your breath away! You may also check the 40 Striking Lion Tattoo Designs collection for further ideas!

30Ornamental Lion Thigh Tattoo

Ornamental Lion Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoodo