30 Chic And Sassy Clavicle Tattoos For Women


In my own opinion, there is no better tattoo design that brings out the sex appeal of women than clavicle-inked tattoos. If women are planning to get a tattoo to boost their confidence, getting a clavicle tattoo is one choice they should not think twice about.

One the most famous designs of clavicle tats are the engraved words displayed in different fonts. The wordings, most of the time, speaks about the personality of the woman wearing the tattoo. Some women also has banner-like designs wherein the wordings are bordered by rose vines, stars, or plain wave lines.

For women, they just need to be extra careful of choosing the artist who will ink their tattoo. The clavicle area is very delicate since it has thin skin over a very prominent bone. Nonetheless, clavicle tattoo is one awesome tattoo which will truly captivate other people’s attention.

Take a look at these 30 Chic And Sassy Clavicle Tattoos For Women below:

301. Star Clavicle Tattoo

Star Clavicle Tattoo
Image Credit: Cuded