30 Cherishable Bestfriend Tattoos


Getting a tattoo for the first time is scary as hell. You really cannot say to yourself that you’re ready for an eternal commitment done from hours of pain, there is no win-win situation in that. However, having a matching tattoo together with a close friend, then the decision seems to get lighter. Subconsciously, you assure yourself that the decision you will be making is not as stupid as it sounds since someone is jumping off from the same cliff with you.

Best friend tattoos are cute, awesome, and offer deeper meanings to the two or more persons who are getting it. Most of the matching tattoos are statements that compliment one to another or an exact same tattoo design inked to the same body spot. There are also bestfriend tattoos that are missing parts of a single piece or lock-and-key combos.

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Truly, beyond the joint commitment to a perpetual thing, bestfriend tattoos just like couple tats strengthen the bond that is meant to be shared forever. If you guys are game, support each other and get your own tats now. Here are our 30 Cherishable Bestfriend Tattoos collection!

29Mickey Mouse Hand Forming Heart Bestfriend Tattoo

Mickey Mouse Hand Forming Heart Bestfriend Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest