30 Breathtaking Seashell Tattoo Designs


Very recently, we showcased some amazing tattoos that are inspired by the warm season of summer. Most of the tattoos shown were connected to the beaches since summer is also the best time to hit the sands and enjoy the seas.

In this next post, I would like to present a collection which is still somehow connected to the beaches however this time it has a touch of romance. Seashells are often seen in movies wherein lovers walk by the beach and suddenly see one washed ashore. With its natural contouring and lines, these wonders of nature are perfect subjects for a tattoo. Best done in simple sketches or colored splashes, seashell tattoos are preferred by people who loves the sea. Also, shells are symbols for serenity and calmness so people with these tats either long for both or already at achieved inner peace.

Get ready to be captivated with these amazing seashell tattoos that I personally lined up for you guys. May it inspire everyone to try a tat for once, even with just a small shell tattoo. I mean, what can go wrong about it?

Here are the 30 Breathtaking Seashell Tattoo Designs for everyone!

301. Dotwork Shell Forearm Tattoo

Dotwork Shell Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattooblend