30 Beautiful Cosmic Tattoos


Getting a tattoo requires a lot of thinking. One needs to consider the right spot for the ink, the design and its meaning and even the size of it! In line with the apt tattoo designs, there are lots of tattoo ideas to get inspired by! In fact, any pattern or shape that may hold significance can be the “one”. You can have a flower tattoo, animal tattoo, quotes tattoo or even ambigrams!

However, do you know the latest inkspiration? Cosmic tattoos! Isn’t it wonderful to see the galaxy, planets, or the entire solar system in your living flesh? The fun thing is you can incorporate cosmic patterns on different shapes! Definitely mesmerizing, right? This type of tattoo may bring out the geek side of you!

Below are the 30 Beautiful Cosmic Tattoos for everyone’s reference!


301. Amazing Stellar Sleeve Tattoo

Amazing Stellar Sleeve Tattoo
Image Credit: Earth Porm