30 Badass Skull Tattoo

In all of the existing tattoo designs, nothing could be more badass than the skull tattoos. This particular design is a hit for rockstars, gangs, bikers, convicts, tattoo junkies, and even the first-timers.
Skull tattoos are almost always done in a badass way, I mean, I personally never encountered one that is considered cute. Most of the time it comes with fire, chains, blood, or even a badass rose. From traditional way of tattooing, simple monochromatics, and up to the astonishing the 3D colored masterpieces, skull tattoos are always cool and always a crowd favorite.
The collection gives you the best and most badass tattoo we can get from the posts of the people around the world. If you’re planning to get a tattoo for the first time and you want to be famous about it, I suggest you take a look of what we have here.
Below are the 30 Badass Skull Tattoo samples. You may also check our 51 Ultimate Sugar Skull Tattoos.

30Tribal Skull Full Back Tattoo

Tribal Skull Full Back Tattoo

Image Credit: GetTattoosIdeas