30 Awesome Alibata Tattoo Designs


In the tattoo business, getting a tattoo in words or phrases are not rare, in fact it is very common. However, in the Philippines, you actually have the option to either use standard letters to ink the name of your lover on your butt or you use their ancient script called Alibata.

Alibata is actually an outdated term for “Baybayin” which is accepted as the ancient script writing in the Philippines. Most of those who knew the ancient script calls it “Alibata” so for just for this post, I will temporarily be using the term. Now, if you look at the strokes of the characters very closely, it is actually like the Brahmic scripts of India with the a little bit of Chinese.

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Just like tribal tats, libata tattoos are very popular in the Philippines and its slowly becoming famous outside of the country because it is unique and at the same time it is so cool to look at. Since Filipinos are fond of being active on the web, finding samples for these unique tattoo designs is not that difficult. The collection we have for you this time are enticing at the same time very easy to achieve. Try translating your own name or a favorite phrase into Alibata and you will have an instant unique tattoo design that only you may have it in the entire world.

Here are the 30 Awesome Alibata Tattoo Designs for reference!

31Alibata with Hand Print Arm Tattoo

Alibata with Hand Print Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoos Time