30 Architecturally Influenced Tattoo Designs


Building buildings are not as easy as stacking legos as high as you can. The sciences and maths that are involved in designing structurally feasible buildings are of no joke. However, once an architect realizes a masterpiece and becomes part of a famous city skyline, we the end users are left simply amazed by its grandeur.

If you’re a curious pedestrian and you get to see a perfect angle of a building found in your city, you may either take a picture of it or for the extremes, may save it as a tatoo somewhere in the ir body.

Architecturally inspired tattoos can be attack by different angles or usually based on human’s eye perspective. Since tattoo masters can only do so much, then most of the time only part of the cityscape is showcased. This tattoo subject can be inked on different techniques based on the owner’s perspective.

Here are the 30 Architecturally Influenced Tattoo Designs to get you inspired by!

301. Apartment Building Back Tattoo

Apartment Building Back Tattoo

Image Credit: Haight Ashbury