30 Appealing White Ink Tattoo Designs


Do you know that you can ink white as tat to your skin? I guess some of you out there are not surprise by this already but I’m pretty sure we all agree that this is really pretty awesome.

White inked tattoo have different techniques on how it is rendered to one’s skin. Some uses the thick and dense white ink to draw the design. Some uses white ink that is almost invisible making the designs bevel up from the skin surface. The designs chosen for this technique are usually the things that are icons for the color white.

You can never go wrong with white, and this neutral shall always have its elegance and simplicity that never fails to impress us humans. Having a unique tattoo like this, makes you one step closer to fame for sure.

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Below are the 30 Appealing White Ink Tattoo Designs for everyone!

30Paisley White Ink Back Tattoo

Paisley White ?Ink Back Tattoo

Image Credit: Designzzz