30 Amazing Realism Tattoo Designs


If someone asks me my personal reason as to why I’ll be getting my own tattoo in the future, I would probably say that I want to preserve a special memory. Then for me, in order to perfectly save a memory, the tattoo must be so realistic that it looks like it just digitally printed into one’s skin.

Although it’s difficult to imagine that it is possible to achieve, master tattoo artists would prove you so wrong. Realism tattoos are real enough and are as awesome as you guys would think it would be. These tattoos are not just rendered realistically, the theme is also unique because it is philosophical and at the same time, dreamy. Most of the realism tattoos are sleeve types since reality needs more space to be reflected into an ink masterpiece. Even in monochromatic format or just sketches, realism tattoos are sights to behold. You’ll surely be amazed not just with the tattoo itself but also with the time and effort spent in order to create such marvelous works of art.

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Below are the 30 Amazing Realism Tattoo Designs I found shared over the internet. I know there are not a lot of these out there simply because not all tattoo artists can do such products. So, enjoy these few samples and once you’re hooked, find yourself a local master artist who can satisfy your very demanding request.

30Angel on Woman’s Head Arm Realism Tattoo

Angel on Woman's Head Arm Realism Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest