30 Amazing Moth Tattoo Designs


The insect class, due to the wide variety of kinds and species, is probably the most interesting group among the animal kingdom. From the smallest ticks to the largest atlas moth, insects fascinate the science community until now because of unending discoveries from them.

Speaking of moth, this insect is also one of the favorite subject for a tattoo because of its symbolism. Moths are the nocturnal version of its cousin, the butterflies and since they are creatures of the night, they are not as colorful as the latter. They say that when visited by a moth suddenly in a night, death among loved ones may be imminent. There is also one symbolism of moth and that is the arrival of big money for you.

Whatever the reasons are, a moth tattoo will surely be as interesting as it is hauntingly amazing for all tattoo enthusiasts out there.

Below are the 30 Amazing Moth Tattoo Designs:

301. Stunning Moth Series Back Tattoo

Stunning Moth Series Back Tattoo
Image Credit: Pinterest