30 Amazing Comic Tattoos


There are different forms of art and so does its target audience. Some art appeal only to the eyes of the intellects while some sparks the minds of the masses. Especially during WWII, art played a huge role in encouraging the masses to take part of their country’s cause. This form of art is just a drawing of a certain scenario, with a little dialogue written inside a bubble above the characters’ heads. Through time, this for art became what we now know as comics or comic art.

Just like humanity and art itself, comics evolve since it was 1st introduced in WWII and so does its purpose. During the war times, its sole purpose is all about the country’s propaganda. Nowadays, comics target the playful minds of the young and the young at heart. The story lines and characters became more colorful, powerful, and iconic. No matter whom the hero/villain is or what the story is all about, comics still delivers the enjoyment and curiosity it seeks from the minds of its readers.

As the comic art transcends from print to the silver screen, this form of art became global. It is no longer an art to just read and enjoy but now, it also became a trend setter, a blockbuster, and an addiction, mostly in a good sense though.

Here are the 30 Amazing Comic Tattoos for everyone’s reference!

301. Batman Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo

Batman Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo
Image Credit: Ranker