30 Adorable Totoro Tattoo Designs


For all tattoo bearers out there in the public, anime or Japanese animation is already a common choice of genre for a tat. The anime culture’s influence at these times already reaches all parts of the globe that almost everyone in this generation knows about Naruto or a Gundam.

However, there is also another branch of Japanese animation or anime (not the typical ones you probably see most of the time in TVs) which is gaining popularity nowadays. One animation studio in Japan produces a different flavor of animation with storylines written brilliantly which captures the imagination of critics and nerds alike. I am talking about Studio Ghibli and it’s frontrunner, Totoro.

Totoro first appeared in 1988 animation film, My Neighbor Totoro. Since its appearance, this animated character slowly became so popular that at one point in time, Totoro became the most expensive toy you can buy in a popular toy shop.

This beloved icon’s design is rather simple and easy to identify. This is also the reason why more and more anime enthusiasts that also love having a tattoo, chooses Totoro as one of their perpetual body art. Totoro can be inked anywhere in the body and designed anyway you like. Most people with Totoro tattoos have theirs on their arms and fingers while some on their thighs.

Here are the 30 Adorable Totoro Tattoo Designs to choose from!

283. Shocked Totoro Forearm Tattoo

Shocked Totoro Foream Tattoo
Image Credit: Tumblr