30 Admirable Bicep Tattoo Designs


For people who go the extra mile to stay fit or to the individuals who consider themselves gym junkies, biceps is no doubt their crowning glory. This muscle group or body part is so famous because almost solely, it represents fitness and health for both sexes.

On the other hand, tattoo enthusiasts also consider the biceps as a perfect location for their favorite inks. One can do flat designs on either sides or can also cover the whole area with intricate artistry. Men usually prefer tribal designs to be inked on these areas while women love to write quotes in it.

As an added feature to bicep tattoos, once it is pumped up, the tattoo gets to be flaunted with more emphasis. Not only it adds drama to the design, it also makes sure that the viewing public gets to see the ink.

Below are the 30 Admirable Bicep Tattoo Designs for inspiration!

301. Wild Alberta Rose Inner Bicep Tattoo

Wild Alberta Rose Inner Bicep Tattoo
Image Credit: Instagram