20 Scary Zombie Tattoo Designs


It may look gory and loathsome to few of us, but horror or zombie tattoos are really much loved and desired by thousands of men and women who cannot help but keep getting all kinds of scary monsters, ghosts and corpses inked on their bodies. From a ghastly looking vampire, to a mouth with dripping blood, the choices are many as far as these tattoo designs are concerned. However, at times it may become a little difficult to choose the right type of zombie tattoo from a montage of hundreds of motifs available with artists. Look below as I list down the top 20 scary zombie tattoo designs that will spook you to no limits:

201. Creepy zombie tattoo on ribs

Creepy zombie tattoo design on ribs

The creepy zombie with a hat, smoking a cigarette looks scary with a scene of a cemetery inked at the background. The colors used add to the creepiness and makes the whole tattoo raise goosebumps. It is carve don the ribs of the man and has a certain sexiness about it.

Image credit: barneyfrank