20 Most Awkward Tattoos of all times


Many times your tattoo may look ridiculous and prompt others to rebuke you for having a bad preference and this may leave a sour taste in your mouth forever. Tattoos are meant to be beautiful and have some deep meaning, but sometimes people just get motivated to ink utter rubbish and awkward designs for the sake of fun and to grab attention of others. Look below as I list the top 20 tattoos that are touted as the most awkward of all times and would make you cringe:

201. Meaningless awkward tattoo

Meaningless awkward tattoo

Inked on the whole back of this man, the tattoo simply fails to generate any meaning. One look and you will just see a medley of motifs inked randomly that fail miserably to convey any definite meaning or idea. The designs are stupid and so are the colors that make the motifs look drab.

Image credit: lotoflaughters