20 Fun and Cute Animal Tattoos


Have you thought about your next tattoo? If you haven’t yet, how about a fun and cute animal tattoo? Just like other types of tattoos, these animal ones does have deep, personal and really beautiful meanings for the individual person. They are usually based on the characteristics of the animal chosen. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal tattoo you would like to have on any part of your body, the important thing is that these “symbols” contribute a part of who you are. They depict about your beliefs in life and they can also be constant reminders of those beliefs (in case you will forget them). Here are some really fun and cute animal tattoos:

1. Tiger Tattoo

The tiger tattoo is a really popular choice. Tigers are powerful, strong, wild and untameable. It symbolizes living our lives without inhibitions.

cute tiger tattoo

Image Credit: abstract.desktopnexus


2. Deer Tattoo

A deer tattoo has a lot of different meanings, depending on the culture. They symbolize male sexuality in some cultures and piety, freedom, purity and solitude in some other cultures.

cute deer tattoo

Image Credit: sheplanet

3. Dolphin Tattoo

The dolphin tattoo also has a lot of different meanings. It symbolizes intelligence, freedom, friendship and affection.

cute and fun dolphin tattoo

Image Credit: fansshare

4. Penguin Tattoo

Penguin tattoos are not quite popular compared to other animal tats. It symbolizes family, endurance and unity.

cute penguin tattoo

Image Credit: pinterest

5. Owl Tattoo

The owl is associated with a lot of cultures all over the world like the Egyptian, Celtic and Hindu culture. The tattoo symbolizes education and wisdom.

cute owl tattoo

Image Credit: tattooideascenter

6. Butterfly Tattoo

A number of famous celebrities like Britney Spears, Harry Styles and Julia Roberts have sported this butterfly tattoo. It symbolizes change, freedom, spirituality, beauty, grace and femininity.

cute butterfly tattoo

Image Credit: yeschiro

7. Elephant Tattoo

Having an elephant tattoo is a good choice, too. It represents strength, divinity, loyalty, wisdom and memory.

cute elephant tattoo

Image Credit: impulseinktattoo

8. Cow Tattoo

Cows are considered to be sacred in some cultures. The cow tattoo symbolizes motherhood, fertility, nourishment, piety and patience.

fun cow tattoo

Image Credit: ladyravenshadow.deviantart

9. Bee Tattoo

Bees are organized and hardworking insects. They represent teamwork and cooperation, love and affection, wisdom and knowledge, discipline, prosperity and family.

cute bee tattoo

Image Credit: loudmeyell

10. Dog Tattoo

Considered as man’s best friend, a dog tattoo symbolizes loyalty, friendship, intelligence, family and companionship.

cute dog tattoo

Image Credit: 1000funfacts


11. Turtle Tattoo

Turtles are symbols of longevity, patience, wisdom, endurance and peace. They have really great instincts and they go with the flow.

cute turtle tattoo

Image Credit: blinkvid

12. Bear Tattoo

These cute-looking and cuddly creatures symbolize strength, bravery, courage and power. Bears are even associated with healing.

cute bear tattoo

Image Credit: seocleverland

13. Cat Tattoo

Our furry friends represent feminine power, prosperity, luck, spirituality, mystery, elegance and intelligence. Cats are also considered as protectors.

cute cat tattoo

Image Credit: tattoostime

14. Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonflies are mysterious and charming. They symbolize freedom, harmony, purity, luck, prosperity and meditation.

fun dragonfly tattoo

15. Rabbit Tattoo

The rabbit tattoo symbolizes abundance, fertility, sexuality and lust! In some cultures, they are considered as tricksters but most of the time, they are lovable creatures.

cute rabbit tattoo

Image Credit: all4humor

16. Swallow Tattoo

These cute little birds represent motherhood, family, safety and security, freedom, love, hope and even fertility. They are more than just pretty little bluebirds.

cute swallow tattoo

Image Credit: stylesstyle

17. Fish Tattoo

Besides finding them in our plates, there are a lot of people who would opt for a fish tattoo. They represent wealth, abundance, persistence, patience, healing, luck and ambition.

cute fish tattoo

Image Credit: sheinstyles

18. Monkey Tattoo

Monkeys are energetic, fun and smart animals. They symbolize wit, intelligence, harmony, fertility and spirituality.

cute monkey tattoo

Image Credit: tattooskart

19. Seahorse Tattoo

A not-so-common choice for a tattoo is the seahorse. These tiny creatures represent patience, tranquility, friendship, meditation, creativity and fatherhood!

cute seahorse tattoo

Image Credit: favimages


20. Snail Tattoo

Snails may be really slow creatures but they will surely arrive at their chosen destination. They symbolize patience, progress, awareness and new beginnings.

cute snail tattoo

Image Credit: pinterest

You can find a lot of cute and fun animal tattoo ideas, thanks to the Internet. They are not limited to one meaning, in fact, these animal tattoos hold several different meanings. If you finally decide to get a fun and cute animal tat, find one that best represents you as an individual.