20 Famous Celebrities With Their Attractive Tattoos


Tattoos have been around since 6,000 BC and they are becoming really popular these days. It is considered as a way for people to express themselves and their beliefs through this amazing type of art. Many would think that the reason why people get “inked” is to show the world how cool they are and to prove how strong they are because they are able to endure the pain of several needles being inserted into the dermis layer of their skin. Famous celebrities all over the world also define their individuality and uniqueness through tattoos. For these “inked” icons, tattoos hold a much deeper meaning than the aforementioned. Here’s a list of 20 celebrities and their attractive tattoos.

183. Katy Perry

Anuugacchati Pravaha

The award-winning and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has a total of 6 tattoos. Coming from religious family, the oldest one is the “Jesus” tattoo inked on her left wrist, which she got when she was 18. Another notable tattoo is the one found on her right biceps (inside part) which says, ““Anuugacchati Pravaha”, in Sanskrit. It simply means, “Go with the flow!”

Image Credit: wordpress