20 Most Creative Tattoo Ideas for Women


Tattoos come in a number of designs and are loved by almost all of us who are crazy to look good and stylish. For women, tattooing is a tool to bring out their inner beauty and beliefs that they want others to see and appreciate. As far as I am concerned, I love such motifs that are a little different but not something that may be rebuked for being insane and outwardly dirty. Being a woman, I love such tattoos that are creatively done and have certain meaning. Look below to see the top 20 creative tattoo ideas that have been selected for women who have a creative bent of mind:

1. Unique Phoenix tattoo

One of the most creative designs to be inked on your back has to be the beautiful Phoenix tattoo just like the one seen below, carved in black and skin color. The motif of the bird is gigantic and stands for strength and wisdom. It covers the whole back and looks majestic with massive wings spread to take the ultimate flight!

Unique Phoenix tattoo

Image credit: oddstuffmagazine


2. Creative beneath foot tattoo

Its not just the foot that women get tattooed but the sole also that gets attention now days with most tattoo artists offering many sole designs. The picture below is that of a monster who is probably drunk and is in mood for some mischief. Some may find resemblance to Rumpelstiltskin in this funny looking creature. On the whole, the tattoo looks funny and quite cute.

Creative beneath foot tattoo

3. Beautiful skull tattoo on foot

The skulls inked on both the feet of this woman look extremely engaging and beautiful because of the color combination that has blue, black and red doing magic to the design. The whole foot is covered by the massive skull. On one foot, we can see a pirate skull design, while, on the other, the skull looks like that of a girl with a big blue dahlia pinned on her head.

Beautiful skull tattoo on foot

Image credit: drakeofficial

4. Amazing anchor tattoo on thighs

An anchor is a symbol of strength and stability and is not the bastion of seamen. Most men and women get these designs inked as these look cool and also have a certain meaning. The anchor tattoo seen here is carved on the thigh and is done in jet black. It looks attractive and very sexy.

Amazing anchor tattoo on thighs

Image credit: heledis

5. Gorgeous hibiscus flower tattoo

Flower tattoos are loved by women for their sheer beauty and charm. The Hibiscus flower design as seen below looks not just pretty but also very eye grabbing. It is a huge motif inked in bright red along with a floral patterned border that is carved all around it. The combo of black and red on bare skin looks gorgeous.

Gorgeous hibiscus flower tattoo

Image credit: pinterest

6. Black 3D spider tattoo

Women, like men, often ink insect tattoos of which spiders are most common since they look attractive and add a hint of mystery. In the image below, the girl’s back is carved with a attractive black colored spider that looks not just beautiful but also very real!

Black 3D spider tattoo

Image credit: sheplanet

7. Unique fish and lotus tattoo on foot

The foot in the image is inked with a very creative fish and lotus tattoo design that looks very beautiful with red, blue and yellow colors that make the design vibrant and attractive. The blue jets of water inked appear very artistic and the whole motif looks eye catching and interesting.

Unique fish and lotus tattoo on foot

Image credit: drakeofficial

8. Whole body tattoo

Some women like to ink their whole bodies with varied motifs in order to look beautiful and stylish. In the picture, the woman’s legs and back are covered with numerous colorful tattoo designs that look unique and very creative. One can spot a black spider, flames, the head of a warrior and a dragon, carved all over the body at different places.

Whole body tattoo

Image credit: ficcups

9. Unique feather tattoo

The feather tattoo motif seen here looks attractive in black. It is carved just on the pelvic region and resembles an ornament. Two feathers, one small and another big, are attached to a wooden bar, also inked in black and are tribal in design. Feathers are symbols of sensuality and are mostly done by tribal men and women.

Unique feather tattoo

Image credit: tattooeve

10. Amazing orchid tattoo

Perched on top corner of the back, there is a colorful bird tattoo inked, and on the right is a beautiful orchid motif that just looks fabulous. The design is gigantic and very colorful with almost all shades to be seen like red, blue, green, yellow and purple. The bunch of flowers looks very neat and creative.

Amazing orchid tattoo

Image credit: lookmytattoo


11. Bright and colorful bird tattoo on ribs

On the ribs is inked a majestic looking bird, carved beautifully in various shades of blue. The motif is very unique and catches your attention with its sheer appeal. It is inked on one side of the ribs along with pink flowers adding beauty to the bird. The crown of the bird looks very decorative and involves lot of intricate designing.

Bright and colorful bird tattoo on ribs

Image credit: blogspot

12. Creative mermaid and moon tattoo

A very creative impression of a mermaid has been carved beautifully on the woman’s back with the creature’s open hair and bent posture, signalling a serious mood and a different persona, not very commonly seen on mermaids. The big full moon offers the perfect backdrop to the scene where the mermaid is dipped in water and we can see her tail positioned in an upward direction. The usage of green, blue and red colors has made the design look awesome, specially the red shading done behind the moon.

Creative mermaid and moon tattoo

Image credit: barneyfrank

13. Unique quotation tattoo

Some people like to ink quotes and messages that they love and the tattoo seen in the image is a quotation design looking very meaningful and attractive. The design is unique, carved in the shape of a page from a book. Inked in black, the tattoo is meaningful and says a lot about love and feelings. Along with this motif, there is a red ribbon design that is a symbol of peace.

Unique quotation tattoo

14. Amazing black 3D dragon tattoo

For most people, dragons are a symbol of power and strength, while for a few, they mean destruction and evil. The tattoo design seen here looks unique and is carved in black. The dragon with its majestic black wings and claws looks gigantic and real on the back.

Amazing black 3D dragon tattoo

Image credit: funzug

15. Lovely birds and tree tattoo

The back will get transformed with this awesome black birds tattoo along with a leafless tree, also inked in black. The birds are carved to show as if they are taking a flight directly from the branches of the tree.

Lovely birds and tree tattoo

Image credit: tutorialchip

16. Flower and dragonfly tattoo

Just bang in the middle of the back, there is this beautiful and gigantic dragonfly design surrounded by beautiful flowers. The backdrop of the huge full moon behind the fly offers a breathtaking view.

Flower and dragonfly tattoo

Image credit: heledis

17. Awesome red and black floral tattoo

This floral patterned design inked all over the body has been carved in such a way so as to resemble a dress! The tattoo looks like a costume worn by this lovely woman, inked in shades of black, white with little red flowers appearing here and there. The look of the design is extremely interesting and charming.

Awesome red and black floral tattoo

Image credit: ashtarcommandcrew

18. Full sleeve bio mechanical tattoo

Bio mechanical tattoo designs look cool with a perfect blend of human and robot elements. Seen below is a full sleeve bio mechanical design that is carved in pinkish red and black, resembling parts of a machine. It seems as if the whole arm of the lady is made of screws, bolts and pipes instead of flesh and blood.

Full sleeve bio mechanical tattoo

Image credit: drakeofficial

19. Black octopus tattoo

Women have a liking for getting animals inked on themselves and the octopus is one creature that is tattooed by hundreds for its sheer appeal and good looks! The octopus carved on the thigh looks quite beautiful with its giant tentacles spread out. The color used is jet black that makes the motif look very attractive against the skin.

Black octopus tattoo

Image credit: desiznworld


20. Rose and skull tattoo

A very beautiful and attractive design is the rose tattoo seen here that looks sexy along with a woman’s skull to lend it more smartness. Carved on the side of the back, the roses are inked in red with small butterflies seen flying on the top.

Rose and skull tattoo

Image credit: oddstuffmagazine

The above list contains the top designs that are creative and would be loved by women of all age groups. These tattoos range from small, medium to huge and look just not pretty, but have meanings too. One must take a look here and get some ideas on what type of designs to ink for this coming season. These designs are ever so popular and will never go out of style.