20 Amazing Lion Tattoo Designs


A lion is known as the king of the jungle and symbolizes raw strength and masculinity. It is because of these attributes that we love getting lion tattoos inked on our bodies. Lion is a powerful animal that represents passion. As such, one can spot mostly men sporting tattoos bearing the mighty lion. Come take a look as I write down the top 20 lion tattoo designs that are awesome and amazing.

192. Tribal Lion Tattoo

Amazing tribal lion tattoo design

Tribal tattoos are very popular the world over, and seen here is a tribal lion tattoo that looks unique with the face of the creature getting the maximum focus. The mane of the lion is inked using black, but the whole of it isn’t inked. It is only the outline of the mane that is inked and this lends a creative touch to the whole tattoo design.

Image credit: oddstuffmagazine