20 Amazing Lion Tattoo Designs


A lion is known as the king of the jungle and symbolizes raw strength and masculinity. It is because of these attributes that we love getting lion tattoos inked on our bodies. Lion is a powerful animal that represents passion. As such, one can spot mostly men sporting tattoos bearing the mighty lion. Come take a look as I write down the top 20 lion tattoo designs that are awesome and amazing.

201. Chest Lion Tattoo Design

Amazing lion's head chest tattoo design

A lion embodies power and strength. There isn’t any other animal that exudes so much rawness as this mighty creature that rules the jungles. Seen here is a beautiful head of a lion imprinted on the chest of this man. The look on the lion’s face is fearsome and very majestic. The motif is designed in black and the beauty gets accentuated because of the way the lion’s mane has been shown.

Image credit: tattoos4men