18 Unique Sunflower Tattoo Designs for Girls


Flower tattoos are very common and always in fashion. However, it is the sunflower tattoo design that is the most striking of all the flower tattoos simply because it looks vibrant and very colorful. A sun flower stands for everything positive and bright in life. A person wearing a sunflower tattoo not only flaunts his/her positive attitude towards life but also seems to be a human being of a concrete character. Look below to find the top 18 sunflower tattoo designs for girls that are not just eye pleasing but also unique in their own way:

181. Unique sunflower tattoo design with a tilt

Unique sunflower tattoo design with a tilt

The sunflower is an epitome of beauty. It has religious symbolism too and the one seen on the back of the woman is a very pretty and unique design that has a distinct tilt to it. While, there are many designs that are usual and straight, the one seen here looks absolutely astounding and pleasing.

Image credit: creativefan