18 Stunning Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas


Hummingbirds beam with color despite their small size. This makes them a favorite tattoo especially for those who prefer vast, colorful designs. It also represents the beauty in nature and would be loved by those who want to identify with that theme. The hummingbird represents so much and would make a great statement on what one wants to be known for.

1. Cute shoulder tattoo

A broad shoulder tattoo of the hummingbird is super cute. This tattoo changes how we look at tattoo compatibility with skin tones since it shows different colors can look good on different skin tones.

Hummingbird shoulder tattoo

Image credit: Blogspot


2. Perched bird tattoo

This hummingbird tattoo design would suit anyone who wants to be associated with the bird’s handwork and effort.

Perched hummingbird tattoo

Image credit: tattoomenow

3. Amazing bird tattoo

The beauty of this hummingbird tattoo design is seen in the spin it has received to give it such a polished finish.

Amazing bird tattoo

Image credit: Deviantart

4. Best Flying bird design

It has been seen before that sleeve tattoos are very prone to fading unlike other placement areas but this hummingbird tattoo will sure withstand intense abrasion.

Best humming bird tattoo

Image credit: Mustachemafia

5. Great Colored Tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo designs are dynamic and would look good whether small or large. The blend of several colors in the right proportion as well edifies the tattoo even further.

Colored humming bird tattoo

Image credit: Lookmytattoo

6. Real hummingbird tattoo design

Broad tattoos are hard to execute and tattoo artists know that, but when quality is done it must be recognized.

hummingbird tattoo design

Image credit: Amazonaws

7. Unisex Tattoo Design

This is perhaps the best hummingbird tattoo that has come close to the actual bird. The shadow effects have also added to its three dimensional look.

Designed humingbird Tattoo design

Image credit: Pinimg

8. Wild hummingbird Tattoo

Simplicity is precious and this design would make a great tattoo idea thanks to its outline with the hummingbird perched on a surface.

Best Wild hummingbird Tattoo ideas

Image credit: Tattoomenow

9. Nature inspired bird tattoo

This humming bird tattoo looks bubbly and gives the impression that the tattoo goes beyond the arm making it longer and looking better.

Premiere Hummingbird tattoo design ideas

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10. Hidden side tattoo

Great tattoos need not necessarily be flashed in highly visible placement areas, they can be placed in discreet areas like this hummingbird tattoo design.

Side tattoo design

Image credit: Heledis

11. Deep hummingbird Tattoo

You would wonder if this tattoo can be concealed even by conventional tops; the answer is yes. The dark contrast it has on the skin only serves to making it more elaborate.

Rich and Deep hummingbird Tattoo

Image credit: Tattoofav

12. Floral hummingbird tattoo

The return of flowered hummingbird tattoos present a classic design worth a trial. The design is a classic and will surely stick through time.

flower tattoo designs

Image credit: Salontatu

13. Fine print hummingbird tattoo

If you are to have this tattoo you would have no reason to worry about it blending with other aesthetic elements or even garments.

Finest print hummingbird tattoos

Image credit: Stylecraze

14. Incredible bird tattoo

This clear tattoo has been magnified by the depth of the artwork that went into it, not to mention the fading effect seen in the way it receeds into a shade-like image.

Incredible bird tattoo ideas

Image credit: Inspiringhub

15. Back placement tattoo

This tattoo is braveness personified. It weaves its way across the placement area perfectly with a bold outcome to boot.

Best Back hummingbird tattoo

Image credit: Tattoomagz

16. Super-bird tattoo

It is difficult not to like this tattoo taking note of the acuteness of the design itself. This would certainly be a favorite design for one looking for a bold but small hummingbird tattoo.

Super hummingbird tattoo design

Image credit: Tattooeasily

17. Skin outline tattoo

When you search for a tattoo you usually look for nothing but an enhancement of your pre-conceived idea; essentially, you are looking for detail and this tattoo gives you a good place to start.

All Natural hummingbird tattoo design

Image credit: Tattooeasily


18. Best bird tattoo

This tattoo wont stop people eyeing you. For some reason it brings one to think it is done superficially…maybe a sticker or something, only to realize it is actually a uniquely done tattoo.

hummingbird ladies tattoo

Image credit: Techbotol

Hummingbird tattoos are powerful from their demeanor to the detail. Tattoos are very much formations by the owner with deep meaning lying under the print. The boldness exhibited in the birds colors is a perfect compliment for the owners character and psyche in whichever moments it comes in handy.