18 Heart Tattoo Designs for Girls


Heart tattoo designs have been loved since time immemorial and are symbolic of love, faith and passion. When it comes to expressing love or betrayal, women and men, both take the path of getting these designs inked on their bodies to show the pain or pleasure one is experiencing or has experienced in the past. Heart tattoo designs are beautiful and one can select from a wide range of designs depending upon her wish. Let me show you the top 18 heart tattoo designs that will prompt you to get one inked today! Here they come:

1. Heart and arrow design

The tattoo design is very much in fashion these days and is inked by women who are passionately in love with someone. It shows an arrow piercing the red blooded heart, a symbol of falling in love madly and deeply.

Heart Tattoo Designs

Image credit: sodahead


2. Heart tattoo above the heels

Though, the tattoo is no big shake when you compare it with other spectacular looking tattoos, yet, it does look cute. Inked in black and joined with a smaller heart, the whole design looks cool and amazing.

Heart tattoo above the heels

Image credit: lookmytattoo

3. Sexy heart tattoo

The heart couldn’t have been inked at a better place than the one that is tattooed right above the panty line of the girl and looks hot and sassy! It is a simple outline heart design but can shake your senses!

Sexy heart tattoo

Image credit: waktattoos

4. Tribal heart tattoo design

Tribal tattoo motifs are not just beautiful but also carry some meaning. The one shown below is a perfect example of how a person in love must flaunt her emotions in a pure manner as the one that you can all see. Along with two joined hearts, there are three stars that are inked beautifully with a shaded background that adds to the beauty of the hearts.

Tribal heart tattoo design

Image credit: blogspot

5. Heart tattoo with message

What you see below is one of the most creatively made tattoos that is beautiful plus it has loads of inner meanings attached to it. There is a heart that is inked in the form of a kite that has dreams tied to it. Now, dreams are something that soar high and this tattoo justifies exactly that! It is a pleasant sight to see such a tattoo when the whole world is going gaga over weird looking tattoos that look horrible.

Heart tattoo with message

Image credit: tattooset

6. Shoulder flower heart tattoo

It is a unique tattoo motif inked in the form of a beautiful flower with green leaves surrounding it. The look is attractive and is stylish too.

Shoulder flower heart tattoo

Image credit: wworldstyle

7. Wrist heart tattoo

The wrist is one of the best places to show your heart to someone. Yes, the design is simple to look but its not very common.

Wrist heart tattoo

Image credit: wallpapershop

8. Mom heart tattoo

If you are a girl that worships your mommy, here is presenting the tattoo design that would be the perfect gift to show your mom how much you care for her and what she means to you. The tattoo is a popular motif demanded by most men and women who want to dedicate a part of their body to someone they love, and what better way than to ink the word mom with a heart to show how much you care?

Heart Tattoo Designs

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9. Tiny heart tattoo

The neck or the back of it has always been a favorite place to ink a tattoo and the heart is not left behind in this race. There is a small red heart that you can see tattooed behind the girl’s neck in full red colour. It is small but looks very cute.

Heart Tattoo Designs

Image credit: busbones


10. Heart with wings tattoo

The heart with wings tattoo looks elegant in every sense of the term and is inked on the lower back which is the most favored place for getting motifs inked.

Heart with wings tattoo

Image credit: sheclick

11. Love and hearts tattoo

On the backside of the girl’s neck, one can see the word ‘love’ inked along with two red hearts that symbolize the wearer’s emotional side. The tattoo looks cool and cute.

Love and hearts tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

12. Flower piercing the heart tattoo

Its quite common to see a heart with a pierced arrow design but here, you can see a heart that is pierced with a beautiful flower. This makes the tattoo look sexy like never before.

Heart Tattoo Designs

Image credit: tattooset

13. Bird and heart tattoo

There is a beautiful bird inked along with a big heart on the inner arms of the woman. The tattoo looks absolutely creative and stunning. Also, there is love written all over and you can feel what the girl is feeling by just giving one glance at the tattoo.

Heart Tattoo Designs

Image credit: maststyle

14. Wordings and heart tattoo

The back is looking stunning with this masterpiece that is inked in the form of a big heart inside which there is a tiny heart that compliments its beauty. The unique point of this design is the way the wordings have been inked to look like a heart. It is simply creative and is a rare design.

Heart Tattoo Designs

Image credit: tattoostime

15. Heart finger tattoo

The finger is as popular place as any other body part and the small red heart tattoo design you are looking at right now, is cool and easy on the eyes. It looks very simple and takes a little time to get inked.

Heart finger tattoo

Image credit: tattoobite

16. Starry heart tattoo design

The heart tattoo is very colourful and looks cute with lots of shiny and bright stars filling the heart. It shows how ‘twinklers’ can fill your heart with love!

Starry heart tattoo design

Image credit: sheplanet

17. Creative heart tattoo on feet

The foot is a place to get all kinds of tattoos inked and the heart design shown in the picture looks stunning with a brilliant idea put forth by the artist.

Creative heart tattoo on feet

Image credit: glambistro


18. String heart tattoo design

Any kind of tattoo looks good when you ink them behind your ears. The string heart tattoo design is a stunning and colourful piece of art and looks awesome.

String heart tattoo design

Image credit: heledis

Hearts are symbols of love and passion. You must wear your hearts on sleeves and let the world know what you feel. Just pick one heart tattoo design now and show the vast cauldron of love that you have for your loved ones.