18 Adorable Cross Tattoo Ideas for Girls


Cross tattoos are a big time favorite with both the sexes since these look cute as well as have significant religious meanings for people who are of a religious bent of mind. I however, am not too cynical about religion, but the cross has always been my favorite tattoo design as it looks very adorable on any apart of the body. These cross tattoos are loved, whether or not a person is religious or not. I am listing out the top 18 most adorable cross tattoo ideas for girls that wish to look cute and loved. Here they come:

181. Colorful cross with wings tattoo on ribs

Colourful cross with wings tattoo idea on ribs

This cross tattoo with wings is quite unique in its style since the inner part of the cross is not inked in plain black, but is filled with yellowish orange color and light blue. This color contrast makes it look nice and quite pretty.

Image credit: pelfind