15 Sexy Thigh Tattoos for Women


Thigh tattoo can be applied to both genders but they are more accepted by the woman. The thigh is a bold and daring place for a tattoo, especially for girls. Aesthetically, thigh tattoo looks perfect and very beautiful on women’s thigh. The thigh tattoo is easy to be hidden in case your profession does not allow you to have a tattoo. In below article you can check a showcase of super creative and sexy thigh tattoos for women. Enjoy!

1. Polaroid Thigh Tattoo

Vintage camera tattoos are really popular amongst women. This Polaroid tattoo design looks really creative and beautiful on the thigh.

Polaroid Thigh tattoo

Image Credit: Wegotyoucovered

2. Sexy Bold Thigh Tattoo

Sexy Bold Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: LoudMeyel

3. Unique 3D thigh tattoo

The 3D design of this thigh tattoo looks really unique and daring. This is really amazing tattoo.

Unique 3D thigh tattoo

Image Credit: We know memes

4. Row Boat Thigh Tattoo

Row Boat Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: paintedsoultattoo

5. Full sleeve thigh tattoo

The full sleeve thigh tattoo is really bold and daring choice for women. This tattoo with perfect design and high quality ink looks amazing.

Full sleeve thigh tattoo

Image Credit: weheartit

6. Floral Thigh Tattoo

Floral Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Odd Stuff

7. Daring Snake Thigh Tattoo

This is really daring and bold thigh tattoo. The realistic snake design of this colorful tattoo is just amazing.

Daring Snake Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Bizarbin

8. Creative Thigh Tattoo Design

The sleek and creative design of this thigh tattoo looks really appealing.

Creative Thigh Tattoo Design

Image Credit: Loud me Yell

9. Colorful Tree Thigh tattoo

Thigh tattoo requires big size and bold design, this colorful tree tattoo have all those requirements fulfilled.

Colorful Tree Thigh tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoo Easily

10. Colorful Phoenix Thigh Tattoo

Phoenix tattoo holds a huge symbolic and artistic value. This thigh phoenix tattoo with a vibrant colorful design looks magnificent.

Colorful Phoenix Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: LoudmeYell

11. Colorful Owl Thigh tattoo

Colorful Owl Thigh tattoo

Image Credit: Flickr

12. Bold Owl Thigh tattoo

The owl tattoo</a> is drawn flawlessly and looks perfect on this girl’s thigh.

Bold Owl Thigh tattoo

Image Credit: TattoOn

13. Beautiful Floral Thigh Tattoo

Beautiful Floral Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Findyourtattoo

14. Artistic Tree Thigh Tattoo

This tree thigh tattoo design is amazing and holds huge symbolic value.

Artistic Tree Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: We Heart It

15. Amazing Maori Elephant Thigh Tattoo

The ink technique of this elephant thigh tattoo design is flawless.

Amazing Maori Elephant Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: 99 Tattoo Design

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