15 Sexy Rib Tattoo Ideas for Women


Rib tattoos look amazingly stunning and sexy if done properly and by an efficient tattoo artist. Since these days, there are a lot of people that are seen sporting rib tattoos that look absolutely ridiculous and weird. We have researched a lot in finding the best and the most popular rib tattoo ideas for women that would definitely offer you some help when you choose to get your ribs inked. Take a look and get inspired:

1. Flower and Chinese lettered tattoo

The rib design looks quite eye grabbing with its small colourful flowers and cool Chinese letters that make the ribs appear sexy.

Flower and Chinese lettered tattoo

Image credit: blogspot


2. Rib lettered tattoo

There are sentences inked along the ribs of the woman that look absolutely stunning, though, there isn’t any exotic design or motif to accompany them. The message itself makes the wearer look sexy!

Rib lettered tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

3. Cute heart rib tattoo

If you are a gal who wears her heart ‘not on your sleeves’ but on your ribs, then this cute heart rib tattoo is the best to suit your personality! The tattoo is inked in the shape of a cute looking heart that carries a message for everyone who looks at it. It is a charming design and looks cool.

Cute heart rib tattoo

Image credit: pinterest

4. Trendy rib tattoo

Looking at the ribs of the woman, one would definitely want to get a similar tattoo inked on herself. The reason is pretty simple. The floral look of the tattoo lends attractiveness to the ribs. There is nothing more ornamental than inking your ribs with a colorful floral patterned tattoo that is stunning in every way.

Trendy rib tattoo

Image credit: funkyyworld

5. Flower and dragonfly rib tattoo

This rib tattoo remains an all time favorite tattoo design for women that like to flaunt their femininity. The colour used to ink the whole tattoo is black and this lends a pleasing sight to the motif which appears breathtaking.

Flower and dragonfly rib tattoo

Image credit: funnie

6. Skeleton woman rib tattoo

Though, it remains a mystery why women get these ghostly type of tattoos inked on themselves, yet, I do have to admit that these skeleton tattoos are very much in vogue and women simply love to ink these on their ribs. The one shown in the picture is an eerie looking skeleton rib tattoo that has been done creatively and beautifully by the artist.

Skeleton woman rib tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

7. Butterfly tattoo on rib

With two big butterflies inked on the ribs, the woman had to look stylish and sassy. There is a pretty looking flower amidst the butterflies that offers a perfect blend to make the tattoo appear classy.

Butterfly tattoo on rib

Image credit: colorlava

8. Feminine rib tattoo

The blue colored flowery tattoo adds to the charm of the woman wearing it. It is a cool and serene design that is sexy in appearance.

Feminine rib tattoo

Image credit: blogspot


9. Skull and flower rib tattoo

Many women , now a days are getting skulls tattooed on their bodies for reasons best known to them. However, these look good, whatever said and done, and are very much in fashion. In the picture below, you can see how a woman’s rib cage has been transformed into an object of beauty by inking a skull tattoo along with two beautiful flowers.

Skull and flower rib tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

10. Cute black ribs tattoo

The tattoo looks simple and elegant. Many girls like to get quotes tattooed in black that adds to the character of the message inked on the ribs.

Cute black ribs tattoo

Image credit: wallpaperin

11. Stars rib tattoo

Ribs look very beautiful when you get different shaped stars inked on them. The picture shows three big stars along with smaller ones that are inked on the ribs of the woman. These are beautiful to look and flaunt.

Stars rib tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

12. Horse rib tattoo

Though, a rare design to be inked on the ribs of a woman, the horse design looks elegant and awesome in every way. It is a classic design and looks good.

Horse rib tattoo

Image credit: beautycare365

13. Tree rib tattoo

The tree rib tattoo design is beautiful and very feminine too. With pretty pink flowers perched up on the brown branches of the tree, the ribs couldn’t have looked more ethereal and stunning.

Tree rib tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

14. Unicorn rib tattoo

Unicorns have always attracted the female population to ink these magical creatures on their bodies. The tattoo shown below looks astonishingly beautiful.

Unicorn rib tattoo

Image credit: cssdive


15. Hot rib quote tattoo

The woman in the picture is a stunner, but the rib tattoo inked on her ribs looks even more beautiful. The style of the tattoo is in the form of a quote that carries a meaning. The tattoo is a brilliant piece of work and looks astounding.

Hot rib quote tattoo

Image credit: pinterest

The above mentioned rib tattoos are not just a pretty sight. These are charming and make women look smart. Go for one, as you never know when you would become the object of envy among your peers!