15 Most Attractive Places For Girl To Get A Tattoo


Are you a sexy girl and have always wanted to sport a cool tattoo? What are you waiting for as here comes a terrific list that comprises the top 15 places where you should get a tattoo. A girl’s feminine body is best suited for tattooing and almost all parts of her anatomy look good inked. However, there are certain parts that look sexier than others when carved, and hence, you must look below to get an idea.

142. Tattoo on back of the shoulder

Tattoo on back of the shoulder

Another cool place to get a tattoo is the back of your shoulder since this is one place on your body that would not hurt as much as other parts would. Also, the shoulder back looks cute with any kind of motif like the cute looking bird tattoo that is seen carved on the girl. The bird is surrounded with a label that says ‘heart means everything’. The tattoo is pretty and looks good here.

Image credit: cooltattoo