15 Key Tattoo Ideas for Girls


Keys are the tools through which you gain an entry into an unknown world,full of opportunities and horizons. As a tattoo design, a key stands for ‘an unique’ opportunity to open up many hidden secrets and find the ‘The tree of light’, thereby gaining wisdom and deeper knowledge. Key tattoo designs and ideas have always motivated me to do some hard core research and help my girlfriends choose some of the best motifs that suits their style and personality. Take a look and see the top 15 key tattoo ideas that will surprise you to no limits!

1. Finger key tattoo

One look at this tattoo and you would just feel sexy! Yes, there is a tiny black key tattoo inked on the finger of a woman plus a keyhole design that is tattooed just below the neck where two collarbones meet. The design is small but looks astounding.

Finger key tattoo

Image credit: tumblr


2. Cute heart key tattoo

What if you want to let someone special take a hint about your feelings and just don’t know how to show? Well, simply get this very cute heart and key tattoo design inked on any part of your body, and shout the L word loud and clear!The tattoo looks very cute with a pink bow attached to the heart shaped key that works wonders to make you feel wanted. The design is also very feminine and serene. Alongside the key, there is ‘Follow your heart’ word inscribed in black that looks stunning.

Cute heart key tattoo

Image credit: stylecraze

3. Tiny red key tattoo

If you are a couple madly in love with each other and want to flaunt your feelings to the outside world, get this cute matching key tattoo today. While, you can get a small red key design printed on your outer palms, your sweetheart can get a black lock tattoo on her wrist. The design looks cute and I too plan to get this one for sure!

Tiny red key tattoo

Image credit: loveitsomuch

4. Black owl key tattoo idea

Another very attractive looking key tattoo is the one shown in the picture. Here, on the woman’s body, there is a beautiful owl combined with a key that looks stunning and very eye catching. The whole tattoo is done in black. The main idea behind this tattoo is to show the inner wisdom that prevails in a woman who is a great thinker and task master. An owl symbolizes wisdom and the key is the instrument to open a closed door and bring in new opportunities.

Black owl key tattoo

Image credit: pinterest

5. Black ink key tattoo

The images are that of simple key tattoos inked in black. The colour black is universally loved for tattoo making. It lends brightness and style to any design and looks sexy as well. The key tattoo as seen in the picture looks amazing and straight. The look is neat and is pleasing to the eyes.

Black ink key tattoo

Image credit: tattoomenow

6. Lock and key tattoo

This lock and key tattoo is amazing to look and is colored in black with the chain of the key inked in purplish pink. The color combo is attractive and so is the lock design that is in the shape of a beautiful artistic heart. Looking at this tattoo will surely raise an eyebrow or two from envious passer byes.

Lock and key tattoo

Image credit: tumblr

7. Quote key tattoo idea

Quotes are an all time favorite, both with men as well as women when it comes to tattoos. In the image you can see a beautiful looking heart and key tattoo that are inked separately on each hand. There is a quote ‘One Love’ above the heart and ‘One heart’ above the key motif. The beauty of the tattoo comes alive with the red and blue colors imbibed in the tattoos. This tattoo looks quite charming and very decorative on the hands.

Quote key tattoo

Image credit: heledis


8. Fancy ear key tattoo idea

The ears are a favorite place for getting tattoos and a key tattoo is one among them. Many girls like to ink a key tattoo behind their ears, either in jet black color or a combo of various colors. The colorful key design shown below is sexy as well as smart to look. Behind the other ear, there is a matching lock tattoo in the form of a sexy heart.

Fancy ear key tattoo idea

Image credit: creativefan

9. Queen crown key tattoo idea

This crown combined with a key tattoo design just makes you girls take pride in being women of this modern century. The key is joined with the queen’s colorful crown and shows the inner power and will that a woman possesses. The design is very attractive to look and is sexy.

Queen crown key tattoo idea

Image credit: stylecraze

10. Rib key tattoo idea

The ribs are the best places to tattoo any motif as there is ample space to ink any type of tattoo that one desires. Seen here is an image of a key tattoo with a beautiful blue colored ribbon attached. The design is appealing and looks quite a stunner.

Rib key tattoo idea

Image credit: lookmytattoo

11. Wings key tattoo on back

Behind the woman’s back is a huge key and heart with wings tattoo design looking majestic and beautiful. The color used is black and nude and the whole motif looks attractive. The key is attached with a sexy heart with wings. This design is symbolic of the fact that a girl’s dreams knows no boundaries and she simply needs to open up her horizons and fly to heights she always aspired to reach some day.

Wings key tattoo on back

Image credit: tattooranking

12. Arm key tattoo idea

The arm key tattoo design is sexy and looks very pretty too. Done in black, the design is an attention grabber. There is a heart shaped lock through which the key is attached and looks quite appealing. It is a huge motif and suits the arms of the girl wearing it.

Arm key tattoo

Image credit: heledis

13. Ornamental key tattoo idea

By ornamental, I mean the key tattoo looks very decorative and designer. It is not a simple tattoo design but involves bright red color and is a pretty sight. Matched with the key tattoo can be seen an equally beautiful looking lock motif that is inked in the form of a pretty looking heart. Its a couple tattoo where the key to the other person’s heart lies with the sweetheart!

Ornamental key tattoo

Image credit: loveitsomuch

14. Beautiful lock and key tattoo on legs

On the legs, there are two cute looking lock and key tattoos inked in hints of red and light green colors. While, the lock is in the shape of a sexy heart; the key design looks perfect and matches well with the lock. The tattoo stands apart from the rest as the artist has done some cool red shading underneath the key to bring out the actual charm and beauty of the key.

Beautiful lock and key tattoo on legs

Image credit: hubpages


15. Sexy key tattoo on foot

The foot of a girl is an amazing place to ink any tattoo. Whether, it is a cute tattoo or a sexy one, the foot is the perfect place to ink motifs as you can flaunt them anytime and anywhere. Most girls, these days, are choosing the key tattoo that is depicted in the picture. Done in full black, the tattoo is joined with a shiny key ring that looks spectacular and attractive.

Sexy key tattoo on foot

Image credit: pinterest

Key tattoos are reflective of your inner will power and zeal. If you wish to let the world know about what you feel, a key is the perfect way to expose your emotions. Key tattoos are very famous and look very nice on any part of the body. I have got one inked recently and am proud to flaunt it wherever I go! Don’t waste time and get any one out of the list inked on your bodies now!