15 Hillarious Funny Tattoo Designs


Tattoos come in different designs and sometimes, they can just be inked for no reason but to have some unadulterated fun! Hilarious tattoos look very funny and make us laugh when we are in low mood. These tattoo designs range from cartoon strips, funny caricatures to just random motifs poking fun at celebrities or oneself. Come take a look at the top 15 hilarious and funny tattoo designs that will flabbergast your senses and make you laugh till you are out of breath:

1. Hilarious lower back funny tattoo

The design is funny and is quite suggestive as well! But there is nothing vulgar that should offend anyone. Done in black, it looks cute.

Hilarious lower back funny tattoo

Image credit: listcovery


2. Funny monkey on back tattoo

The monkey tattoo on the back looks absolutely funny and appears as if latching on to the man’s back. The design is inked in black and brown and appears quite realistic. It is cute and funny at the same time.

Funny monkey on back tattoo

Image credit: funnypica

3. Funny head tattoo

This funny head tattoo looks hilarious with a face of a man with mustache inked on the backside of the bald head. The design is carved in such a way so that the bush of hair on the scalp looks as if its a thick mustache. It will make anyone laugh!

Funny head tattoo

Image credit: blogspot

4. Funny eye tattoo

On top of the eyes, the eye tattoo looks amazingly funny with its animated design that is carved in blue. The eye tattoo design is attractive and resemble a cartoon character’s eyes.

Funny eye tattoo

Image credit: tattoobite

5. Funny finger tattoo

This tattoo design looks sweet and hilarious with four fingers that are inked with funny outline faces resembling a man and a woman on either hands. Done in black, the faces look very cute.

Funny finger tattoo

Image credit: tattoodesigns24

6. Funny banana tattoo

With two cartoon bananas, one smirking at the other for not able to catch a fish in its net, the design is too hilarious and touches your funny bone! The facial expression of both the bananas makes you drop with laughter.

Funny banana tattoo

Image credit: sheplanet

7. Funny teddy tattoo

The cute chubby teddy in full army attire with gun and bullets looks funny as well as very adorable. It is inked in black on the woman’s back.

Funny teddy tattoo

Image credit: bullseyetattoos

8. Funny small tattoo on fists

On the fist, there is an extremely funny tattoo of a small evil looking monster with crooked eyebrows inked with black and orange color. Surrounding the main design are some red motifs inked all around the monster that make it appear really hilarious.

Funny small tattoo on fists

Image credit: heledis


9. Funny Hello Kitty tattoo on legs

Hello Kitty looks adorable on any part of the body, but the ones that we see here on the legs are just too funny since we are not accustomed to seeing these sweet kitties with guns and no roses! The tattoo is funny and cute and inked in red and green colors.

Funny Hello Kitty tattoo on legs

Image credit: dailydawdle

10. Funny alien tattoo on arms

The alien tattoo looks simply funny in an ugly kind of way but still gets glances wherever it goes! Done in black, it looks quite odd and hilarious with an ugly face and a thick tail.

Funny alien tattoo on arms

Image credit: tattoobite

11. Funny shoes tattoo on foot

One of the funniest designs to have taken my fancy is the shoe design inked in red that looks not just hilarious but is also realistic in appearance. It makes the looker wonder whether the person is wearing actual shoes or is it just a tattoo!

Funny shoes tattoo on foot

Image credit: pinterest

12. Funny Simpsons tattoo on tummy

The Simpsons are always loved by masses and one will fall in love with this hilarious tattoo inked just in the center of the tummy with the naval resembling the butt hole of Homer Simpson! The way the cartoon is shown bent with his blue pants down truly tickles your bones and makes you feel naughty!

Funny Simpsons tattoo on tummy

Image credit: blogspot

13. Funny girl tattoo

The girl, in most probability, is a gymnast and looks as if she is coming out of the man’s neck from a hole on the other side of his neck. The design is very funny yet creative. The two holes inked on either sides of the neck look real and very hilarious.

Funny girl tattoo

Image credit: bullseyetattoos

14. Funny rain tattoo

The funny creature trying to save itself from the impending rain looks adorable with its ugly face and body. The way it has been carved makes the whole motif hilarious. The tattoo is done in black and light red that matches the skin tone.

Funny rain tattoo

Image credit: heledis


15. Funny head tattoo

The shaven head looks funny with the design inked in black that reads “Leave a comment below”, just above the ears. This is a unique design and succeeds in rattling you with its wit and humor.

Funny head tattoo

Image credit: addfunny

Hilarious and funny tattoos look good and offer a change. Sometimes, its just to have some fun that people get these tattoos done. It might be done for poking fun at someone or just to express one’s opinions. However, the ultimate result is fantastic, provided it is done tastefully. Always remember there is a fine line between what is known as an ugly tattoo and a funny one. Look at the list and get one tattoo for yourself.