15 Great Tattoo Ideas for Hips


If you love body artwork, there is no better place to have a tattoo on the hip. The hip is an amazing place as it offers a canvas that can be used by a tattoo artist to bring your idea to life. A hip tattoo also communicates a person’s bold personality. Below are the different approaches that can be used to bring this amazing body art to life.

1. Gun hip tattoo

Wow! This is one bold tattoo to have on the hip for both law abiding citizens and outlaws (no pun intended). The different colors and patterns used on the gun make you take time to appreciate the work of art that is both unique and moving.

Gun hip tattoo

Image Credit: Fans Share

2. Flower hip tattoo

How about a flower on the hip? This tattoo is quite unique in its own measure as it looks to be a mix of innocence and a bold design that surround the flower. Talk about perfection in conflicting art.

Flower Hip tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoo Aholic

3. Peacock tattoo

If the desire is to create a large work of art; how about trying the ever majestic and proud peacock? This is a bold and amazing art work that not only covers the hip, but the stomach too.

Peacock tattoo

Image Credit: Wak Tattoos

4. Cheetah tattoo

For the animal lover, nothing does it better than the cheetah tattoo that fits perfectly on the hip.

Cheetah tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoo Design Ideas

5. Tribal tattoo

One of the best simplistic designs that a girl could make use of is the tribal tattoo that fits well on the hip.

Tribal Tattoo

Image Credit: Versatile Designs

6. Humming bird and flower tattoo

In this tattoo, the colors of nature come to life. The precise mix of both flora and fauna make this tattoo worthwhile to look at, as the rose flower and the hummingbird share their beauty.

Humming bird and flower tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoo Art Gallery

7. Flower tattoo

The color in this tattoo does work perfectly to blend in with the canvas that is the hip; an awesome work of art indeed.

Flower tattoo

Image Credit: Your Tattoo

8. Lizard hip tattoo

This is a tattoo for the lovers of the reptile family.

Lizard hip tattoo

Image Credit: Body Painting and Tattoos

9. Bible Verse tattoo

How about having a work of art that communicates a verse of the bible? This unique cross also leaves you with an assignment to find out what the verse says.

Bible verse tattoo

Image Credit: Slo Dive

10. Sparkling butterfly

Use of sparkle is fast becoming a common item in tattoos. Make use of the sparkle to accentuate your style.

Sparkling butterfly

Image Credit: Tattoos 20

11. Hakuna matata hip tattoo

As a person who takes life easy, why not have this simple yet effective tattoo with the words ‘Hakuna Matata’ which translates to No problems? The design of the tattoo has the words well formed in the infinity design. Cool? Yes! You got that right.

Hakuna matata hip tattoo

Image Credit: Best Tats

12. Heartbeat tattoo

This is a simple yet unique design of the heartbeat with a heart in the graph, all fitting well on the hip.

Heartbeat Tattoo

Image Credit: Silky Tats

13. Latin hip tattoo

Opt to communicate a message through a long lost language and create art through it.

Latin Hip tattoo

Image Credit:Xblack Covex

14. Snake hip tattoo

A bold tattoo that traverses from the upper hip to the knee.

Snake hip tattoo

Image Credit: Needles and Sins

15. Bird tattoo

Enjoy nature’s finest with this bird tattoo that fits perfectly in the middle of the thigh.

Bird Tattoo

Image Credit: Check out My ink

Irrespective of the choice of tattoo, just ensure that you make the canvas that is your hip come to life with a stunning tattoo. The art will be a lifelong reminder of your appreciation for art.