15 Creative Musical Notes Tattoo Designs


Musical notes tattoo designs have always inspired me to get one of these cute babies inked on my body. Till date, I have been waiting to grab that one pretty design that would remain with me forever, but was never able to lay my hands on one. But, lately, I have started doing some research on musical notes tattoos and hurrah…have found some of the best musical notes tattoo designs that are doing the rounds with a huge chunk of population inking them all over their bodies. Music is life for most of us and what better way than to dedicate a part of yourself to it that would remain with you forever? Well, take a look at some of these designs that would make you swing with joy:

151. Magnificent musical notes tattoo design

Magnificent musical notes tattoo design

The musical notes tattoo design seen here is one magnificent looking tattoo to adorn the ribs of the person. The design is carved in the shape of a cross with notes surrounding it from all the sides. The color used is predominantly black that makes the tattoo look awesome and sexy.

Image credit: pelfind