15 Calf Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women


Tattoos can be inked practically on all parts of the human body and your calf is a very nice place to get all kinds of motifs etched since there is a lot of space available for inking big tattoos. Before wasting any more of your time, let me go ahead and show you the top 15 calf tattoo ideas that suit both men as well as women. Here they are:

1. Cool feather calf tattoo

On the calf, there is a beautiful motif of many colorful feathers inked that make the wearer look sexy and sassy. The tattoo design shows many feathers and beads attached to a string tied around the calf.

Cool feather calf tattoo

Image credit: tattoosimages


2. Lovely hand print calf tattoo

Most probably, the person wearing this tattoo is a mom who has got her child’s foot and hand prints tattooed on her calf. Under the prints, the name of the child is also etched, looking very beautiful. In between the foot and hands, there is a heart with a halo inked on top that makes the tattoo look personal and very cute.

Lovely hand print calf tattoo

Image credit: heledis

3. Unique lightning tattoo on calf

The lightning tattoo looks very colorful with bright red and patches of black in the motif. It is quite stunning with a unique shape and color contrast.

Unique lightning tattoo on calf

Image credit: lookmytattoo

4. Heart with a dagger tattoo on calf

This blood red heart and dagger tattoo looks absolutely stunning and attractive with live, laugh and love words inked to add a touch of zing to the whole tattoo. The effect gets enhanced with a few drops of blood dripping below. The tattoo is scary but sexy.

Heart with a dagger tattoo on calf

Image credit: wpjournals

5. Simple sun tattoo on calf

Sun tattoos look sexy when inked on calf. The sun tattoo seen here looks very smart and neatly done.

Simple sun tattoo on calf

Image credit: lookmytattoo

6. Realistic snake tattoo on calf

For such men who are macho and like to live ‘the risky way’ are often seen getting snake tattoos on their bodies. The calf looks stunning and sexy with this realistic snake tattoo design that appears life like and gives you goosebumps!

Realistic snake tattoo on calf

Image credit: joaoleitao

7. Beautiful phoenix tattoo on calf

Phoenix is a symbol of fiery passion and enigma. The one seen on the calf looks quite gorgeous with its colorful wings and makes anyone take notice.

Beautiful phoenix tattoo on calf

Image credit: smashinghub

8. Maori Tattoo on calf

With bold patterns inked on the calf, the Maori tribal tattoo looks astounding and sexy. The design is inked in black like most tribal tattoos and lends a distinct style. These designs stand for power and things that are associated with the tribe and its beliefs.

Maori Tattoo on calf

Image credit: heledis


9. Basketball calf tattoo

Many men like to get their favorite sports equipment and symbols tattooed on their bodies like the one below. This man sports a basket ball with a basket on his calf in the image. The tattoo idea looks very nice and smart with black as the central color.

Basketball calf tattoo

Image credit: paperblog

10. Beautiful tribal tattoo on calf

Tribal tattoos are always popular with both the sexes since these look nice and sexy. Seen here is a gorgeous looking tribal design inked on the person’s calf that is both sexy as well as enigmatic in appearance. Done in black, the design is charming. The artist has lent more creativity to it by doing some shading at places that make it even more attractive.

Beautiful tribal tattoo on calf

Image credit: tattoo-how

11. Corpse tattoo on calf

Some people find it interesting to ink the faces or bodies of corpses to lend a feeling of spookiness to their character. Though, it may look a little too scary at times, however, if done skillfully can make the corpse design stand out among the rest and look quite sexy. Here, the calf is tattooed with the face of a woman, presumed to be a corpse with a veil on her head and patterns drawn all over her face. The look of the design is quite creative and spooky.

Corpse tattoo on calf

12. Charming rain dance tattoo on calf

This tattoo looks very creative and one of my favorites since it is a unique idea rarely seen anywhere. With a background inked in heavy clouds ready to pour anytime, and a boy just waiting to dance in the rain, the calf looks beautiful! The artist has used his imaginative power to the maximum when he inked this design on the person. The boy with the umbrella looks great, though it is only his silhouette we can see, but still can gauge the expression of playfulness that might be twinkling in his eyes!

Charming rain dance tattoo on calf

Image credit: tattooartpics

13. Colorful dahlia tattoo on calf

Girls love to get flowers of all kinds tattooed on their bodies and calf is not left behind in this race since it is a place that can be used to the maximum for inking large as well as medium sized designs. The flower tattoos on your calf look sexy as well as charming, specially roses and dahlias like the ones that are seen in the image. The colors add to the beauty of the legs.

Colorful dahlia tattoo on calf

Image credit: pinterest

14. Tree Libra zodiac tattoo on calf

Zodiac sign tattoos look nice and are done by people as per their own signs, defining their characteristics and traits. But, these days, many men and women are designing their own zodiac motifs as per their tastes that are unique. Such custom made designs look exotic like the one seen in the picture. The Libra tattoo is unique since it is inked along with a tree in black. The two weights are hung from the eerie looking branches of the ghostly tree that add an element of spookiness to the whole motif.

Tree Libra zodiac tattoo on calf

Image credit: lookmytattoo


15. Yin Yang tattoo on calf

The Chinese Yin Yang symbol stands for man and woman where Yin is the female with destructive powers and the Yang stands for male who is creative. It goes on to symbolize that both the sexes, though, opposite in nature, need each other to maintain balance in the universe. While, the Yin is the white circle, representing the female, the dark colored circle is Yang that represents the male. The tattoos on both the calves look quite beautiful and unique.

Calf Tattoo Ideas

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If you are scared of getting a tattoo on your back or ribs, then its a good idea to get inked on the calves since the pain level is a little low as compared to others. However, getting a tattoo done is always painful, but the end result is something that you would cherish for years to come. With these top 15 calf tattoo ideas, you no longer need to do research since these have been specially selected by me. Look and get inspired.