15 Best Zodiac Tattoo Designs


Since zodiac signs have been with us for long it would make great sense identifying with them in form of tattoos. Apart from them having conventional meaning, they are a fair representation of one’s astrological alignment as well as belonging. It is perhaps the single uniting factor among all people since everyone is proud of their specific ‘star’.

1. Shoulder zodiac tattoo design

At first one gets a notion that this tattoo is faintly outlined on the body, until one takes a closer look; it is indeed a sight to behold.

zodiac tattoo designs

Image credit: Dheris

2. Gemini zodiac tattoo

If you love the outdoors you will agree that this tattoo is worth flaunting thanks to its sharp contrast to the skin

Gemini tattoos

Image credit: hd.net

3. Libra zodiac tattoo design

An end to end look at this Libra zodiac tattoo reveals impeccable detail which goes to show just how much finesse there is in this piece of work.

Libra tattoo designs

Image credit: Auburnwebs.com

4. Zodiac scale Tattoo Designs

Now we know which are the trendiest tattoo designs for broad surfaces and this most definitely is up there with the best design.

scale tattoo designs

Image credit: Tattoosonbody

5. Styled zodiac tattoos

This is one zodiac tattoo design that represents freedom and is popular for those who love their tattoos carrying considerable meaning.

Styled zodiac tattoos

Image credit: Lolu

6. Sunshine zodiac tattoo design

Exploring new fronts should lead you to trying out this tattoo to savor the blend of this creative design.

sunshine tattoo designs

Image credit: Tattootats

7. Pisces zodiac tattoos

Happiness is the best description of this tattoo and I am sure the feeling is mutual.

pisces tattoos

Image credit: Snilli

8. Galaxy zodiac tattoo designs

This tattoo design is so good it can be flaunted knowing it will go down well with liberals and conservatives alike.

zodiac tattoo design

Image credit: Ndebon

9. Scorpio the zodiac tattoo

If you are still an ardent fan of the horoscopes then this tattoo must be very familiar.

Scorpio zodiac tattoos

Image credit: Tattooset

10. Inscribed zodiac tattoo designs

Take a walk with this tattoo with all confidence you can gather because it is cut out for just that.

Inscribed tattoo designs

Image credit: kshope

11. New Zodiac Tattoo Designs

The most contemporary zodiac signs can make for a good and unique tattoo design like the one shown here.

New Zodiac Tattoo Designs

Image credit: Tattooeve

12. Symbolic zodiac tattoo designs

This is the platinum tattoo that carries with it a mark of class and even royalty.

symbolic zodiac tattoos

Image credit: Besttattooart

13. Popular zodiac tattoo styles

Custom made zodiac designs come out so well since we do not want to be tied down to the conventional tattoo designs.

zodiac tattoo styles

Image credit: Populartoptattoos

14. Summer Zodiac tattoo design

This crisp clear design stands out even from a distance and is credited to look just as good even when scaled upwards on a wider surface.

Summer tattoo designs

Image credit: Tattoojockey

15. Parallel Scorpio zodiac tattoo designs

You won’t struggle to pick this tattoo from a myriad of several good looking ones, partly due to its minimal look and small things always seem to have their way.

Parallel zodiac tattoo designs

Image credit: Populartoptattoos

To beat the ordinary you need to get a zodiac tattoo which has been known to guarantee a great sense of belonging. These tattoos are both sturdy and sharp making them look well done and trendy. Its time to get inspiration from some of these great designs.