15 Amazing Cartoon Character Tattoo Ideas


Cartoons are a part of growing up and we humans are all young children at heart! There is a wide gamut of cartoon character tattoos that look cute and are always in demand with both men and women going crazy behind these sweet little things! Come, take a look below to find the top 15 cartoon tattoos that would wake the inner child in you:

1. Mickey mouse tattoo

Mickey mouse is the most favorite cartoon character to be inked on bodies of crazy fans who cannot get enough of the tiny mouse. The tattoo can be inked on arms, back, neck or any part as you wish.

Mickey mouse tattoo

Image credit: Tatto0


2. Minnie mouse tattoo

Like Mickey, Minnie mouse is also a sweetheart that is loved by almost millions all around the world. Get her inked on your arms or whichever part of the body you like!

Minnie mouse tattoo

Image credit: Checkoutmyink

3. Goofy Disney tattoo

Apart from Mickey and Minnie, there is the famous Disney doggy named Goofy that all kiddos love. The tattoo below looks cute and very colorful, not to forget, it looks absolutely adorable and funny.

Goofy Disney tattoo

Image credit: Ibytemedia

4. Beauty and the beast tattoo

Among the best Disney films, The Beauty and the Beast is perhaps the most loved simply because the cartoon characters are just too adorable. When it comes to tattoos, they rule the charts here too! The image below shows the Beauty and the Beast tattoo inked on the upper arms of a young girl who is definitely a fan of this lovely cartoon couple!

Beauty and the beast tattoo

Image credit: Tumblr

5. Jumbo tattoo design

The cartoon jumbo tattoo is just too cute and adorable to look. One can get this tattoo inked with various combinations like Walt Disney castle or even with Mickey and Minnie.

Jumbo tattoo design

Image credit: Graphicsbeam

6. Bambi tattoo

Who on earth doesn’t love the very cute and sweet Bambi that has always been part of everyone’s childhood? Well, if you are missing this cute deer, it would be a good idea to get her inked anywhere on your body! The tattoo below looks not only amazing but also very colorful.

Bambi tattoo

Image credit: Tattoosgeek

7. Walter Elias Disney tattoo

The Man who created the Walt Disney line of cartoons is a much loved celebrity who has inspired many people to ink him on their bodies. Here, a man is seen with the face of Walt Disney tattooed on his shoulder. The tattoo is done in black and looks stunning.

Walter Elias Disney tattoo

Image credit: Tumblr

8. Disney princess tattoo

Disney has always created beautiful looking princesses over the century and what we see below is a very stunning looking princess and her castle that forms a lovely backdrop!

Disney princess tattoo

Image credit: Flavorwire


9. Alice and the Cheshire Cat tattoo

Alice, from the famous book named Alice in Wonderland, is a lovely girl and her loveliness is displayed below in blackish grey colored tattoo. Behind her, we also see the famous cat that looks evil. However, the tattoo in whole looks cute.

Alice and the Cheshire Cat tattoo

Image credit: Creativefan

10. Peter Pan tattoo

Just name Peter in your mind and you will start imagining a green attired young boy with pixie like cute looks who is free spirited and never grows up! The tattoo inked on the foot is colorful and also looks adorable.

Peter Pan tattoo

Image credit: Ibytemedia

11.Ariel tattoo

The tattoo is a myriad of different colors and makes the wearer look sexy and sassy.

Ariel tattoo

Image credit: Deviantart

12. Disneyland castle with Tinkerbell

The tattoo is a stunner and will impress anyone who sees it inked on the back of a woman. We can spot mostly all Disney cartoon characters that are tattooed very nicely and make the back look sexy.

Disneyland castle with Tinkerbell

Image credit: Blogspot

13. Donald Duck tattoo

Donald Duck tattoo shown in the picture looks pretty amazing and cute. It can be inked on legs, arms or on any other part as desired.

Donald Duck tattoo

Image credit: Webcontemporary

14. Pinocchio tattoo

Do you have a nose that resembles Pinocchio? Well, even if you don’t have one, but like the cartoon character, here is your chance to view one that’s displayed in the picture below. The tattoo looks colorful and makes you feel childlike.

Pinocchio tattoo

Image credit: Pinterest


15. Winnie the Pooh Tattoo

If you count yourself among the sweet girly gang of cute girls, this tattoo is a must to be inked on your body! It looks cute and sweet.

Winnie the Pooh Tattoo

Image credit: Tattoodesigns24

Cartoon tattoos are very much in vogue and look awesome on everyone. One must try these and bring out the inner child out for some fun!