12 Unique Filler Tattoo Ideas for You


Filler tattoos are those designs that are inked when you feel you aren’t very happy with your main tattoo that looks either unattractive or shabby. Also, many people get these fillers in order to complete an incomplete tattoo. There are many types of filler tattoos that one can get inked. Right from using attractive motifs to stars, the choices are varied. Take a look below and find your best filler tattoo out of the 12 unique types listed under:

121. Star filler tattoo

Star filler tattoo

The stars are always a good choice when thinking of inking a filler tattoo to cover up your gaps or flaws. The picture below shows the sleeves of a man inked with stars as fillers along with grayish coloured clouds. It looks very attractive.

Image credit: tattooideasmag