12 Tribal Upper Back Tattoo Designs for Men


Who said that Adams don’t like to follow fashion like Eves? Men are as conscious of looking good as women and when it comes to tattooing, these hunks are not left behind. Listed below are the top 12 tribal upper back tattoo designs for the men in shining armor. These designs are very popular and have a cult following among tribal as well as urban men. Look below and get started:

1. Tribal Libra tattoo

Both men and women have got horoscope tattoos inked on their bodies since time immemorial and the practice of doing such a thing proves that humans have blind faith on their destinies and stars. This is the reason why so many people get their zodiac signs inked and take pride in flaunting them. The Libra zodiac tattoo looks cool and is tribal in nature. It is a little different style of inking zodiac design but looks very neat.

Tribal Libra tattoo

Image credit: heledis


2. Tribal tattoo with wings

This design looks simply amazing and is accompanied with wings. Black colour has been used to lend a sexy look to the design.

Tribal tattoo with wings

Image credit: hometum

3. Attractive tribal tattoo

The man’s back looks very eye catching with the big tribal tattoo inked in black.

Attractive tribal tattoo

Image credit: tattoodesignguides

4. Unique Lizard tattoo

There have been innumerable lizard tattoos seen inked on people’s bodies, but the one that is seen in the picture is a rare motif to spot. It has tribal roots and looks creative and unique.

Unique Lizard tattoo

Image credit: tattoosonbody

5. Green colored tribal tattoo

I have never seen this design before and believe me, the tattoo is one of a kind and is rare to be seen on men sporting it. With greenish and blackish hints of colors, the tattoo looks very pleasing and attractive.

Green colored tribal tattoo

Image credit: tattooideasmag

6. Tribal sun tattoo

Its a good looking design most suited to be inked on men’s upper backs. The tribal sun tattoo is inked in black and looks stunning.

Tribal sun tattoo

Image credit: tattooset


7. Upper back quotes tribal tattoo

Quotes have always been a popular tattoo design and look good. The one seen here is a quote tribal tattoo that is inked as a circular design. It looks great on the man’s upper back.

Upper back quotes tribal tattoo

Image credit: tattooof

8. Unusual tribal back tattoo

The design is a little difficult to comprehend but still looks cool.

Unusual tribal back tattoo

Image credit: hometum

9. Tribal tattoo on the upper back and shoulders

This design is quite trendy and is very commonly spotted among men of all kinds of races and religions. Inked in black, it is a stylish design idea for you.

Tribal tattoo on the upper back and shoulders

Image credit: heledis

10. Amazing tribal tattoo

The astonishing looking tribal tattoo is a popular choice for most men who want to look stylish and sexy.

Amazing tribal tattoo

Image credit: tatto0

11. Upper back colorful tribal tattoo

The back is looking stunning with this vibrantly inked tribal tattoo that is simply outstanding. It is a rare design and one must get it inked before it gets too common!

Upper back colorful tribal tattoo

Image credit: rauraur


12. Wording upper back tattoo

With two guardian ‘lion angels’ guarding the family, the motif looks quite impressive to the eyes. It is ornamental and very artistically done. ‘Family’, ‘Honor’ and ‘Pride’ are inked just below the whole tattoo and proves the man’s dedication towards his family.

Wording upper back tattoo

Image credit: tattoodesignguides

The upper back is a vast place that can be utilized for inking various types of tattoos. However, the best of men always opt to get tribal tattoos inked on them since these are artistic as well as have a raw power about them that sets these apart from the hundreds of other common designs.