12 Extremely Long Tattoo Ideas


There are lots of reasons why one would choose to have a tattoo. Others are for personal reasons while some are merely for aesthetic purposes. Unlike clothes and accessories where you can simply change in case you find the outfit unsuitable to you, tattoos are permanent. Therefore, if you ever decide to get a tat done on your body, you have to think really hard about your decision, especially if you choose to have an extremely long tattoo done which is a bit difficult to laser out. Anyhow, here are some of the 12 extremely long tattoo ideas that are highly recommended.

1. The Long Dragon

This long dragon tattoo might be a bit too much but it is undeniably attractive. Also, dragon tattoos are symbolic. These mythical creatures are perceived as powerful, fearsome and protective. They are also valued for their warlike qualities so if you see a dragon in you, this extremely long full body dragon tattoo is recommended.

beautiful long tattoos

Image Credit: oddee


2. Amazing Bird Tattoo

Birds such as phoenix and peacock are very colorful and thus, they are the number one choice of tattoo for girls who want to have an eye catching colorful tattoo. The back tattoo shown below is a good example of a colorful bird tattoo, from shoulder down to the hip. This tattoo is also symbolic because getting a bird tattoo could mean freedom.

eye catching colorful tattoo

Image Credit: Body Art Lovers

3. Metal Backbone

This metal backbone tattoo is definitely unique. You can rarely find anyone with this tattoo on their back so if you want to be different, this long tattoo is highly recommended. The design exudes masculinity as well so they are ideal for men, although from what you can see below, the tattoo would look great for girls, too.

beautiful long tattoos

Image Credit: slodive

4. Colorful Flowers

Girls just love to have a lot of colors on their tats and this tattoo of colorful flowers is a good example. It is so chic and the combination of pink and teal is a perfect match. It can go well with your pink or teal floral swimsuit so you can be a head turner while strutting along the beach this summer. And of course, flower exudes feminism, beauty and grace so it’s the best tattoo for all you girls out there.

beautiful long tattoos

Image Credit: backlinkdreammachine

5. Mythical Animal

A mythical animal tattoo is also great. It is very unique and keeps people guessing as to what kind of bird or animal the tattoo is, which makes it even more interesting. It is filled with so much color, so they are a perfect choice for girls who want to have a lot of color on their tats.

beautiful long tattoos

Image Credit: oddee

6. Japanese Theme Tattoo

There is really something about Classic Japanese photographs that makes them a perfect choice for a tattoo. This tattoo of a geisha is a good example of how beautiful a Japanese themed tattoo is, especially if it as big and as long as this. The cherry blossom tree on the background and the pink colored flowers below makes this tattoo to look even more attractive.

beautiful long tattoos

Image Credit: blogs.fanbox


7. Full Back Piece Tattoo

If you want your back to be fully covered with tattoo, then this abstract colorful tattoo will be a great choice. If you look closer, you will see a picture of a snake so this tat is also symbolic. Snakes are one of the most feared creatures on earth so it signifies power. The colorful flowers in the background help to balance out the spiteful look on the snake’s face.

abstract colorful tattoo

Image Credit: slodive

8. Corset Tattoos

This tattoo of a corset is very unique and is perfect for those who are looking for an eye catching tattoo on their back. Although worn by a girl, the tattoo would look great for boys, too. The black shade and the metal like design at the bottom exude masculinity. Whatever the meaning behind this tattoo, it sure looks unique, something that will make you to stand out.

eye catching back tattoo

Image Credit: tatrating

9. Peacock Tattoo

A lot of people love a peacock tattoo, most especially the girls who are drawn to its colorful feathers. A peacock tattoo could also mean a lot of things. It could refer to elegance, vanity, beauty and integrity. This side body tattoo is definitely attractive. The peacock looks very stunning and certainly exudes beauty and feminism.

Peacock Tattoo

Image Credit: atomcave

10. Cherry Blossom Branch

So many boys and girls would love to have a Cherry Blossom tree for their tats. Perhaps, it’s because of the unique beauty of this most photographed Japanese tree or maybe because of its symbolic meaning. It was said that Cherry Blossoms represent feminine beauty and power. But whatever the reason is, this Cherry Blossom side body tattoo of a girl is definitely sexy.

ideas for long tattoos

Image Credit: deviantart

11. Tiger Tattoo

One of the most common tattoos that you will often see on both boys and girls is a tiger. The ferocious animal symbolizes strength, royalty, fearlessness or bravery. While others would simply have a face of a tiger inked on their body, others would choose the full body of the tiger for their tattoo such as the one shown below. It looks really great and it certainly radiates fearlessness.

ideas for long tattoos

Image Credit: Tattooing Tattoo Designs


12. Big Dragon Tattoo

The big dragon tattoo is ideal for men who want to have a picture of this brave mythical creature tattooed all over their back. This extremely long tattoo exudes masculinity so it’s the perfect tattoo for all brave men out there. And of course, dragons are said to be protective so despite of its somewhat fearful look, you can be assured that they keep you protected against your enemies especially those on your back.

ideas for long tattoos

Image Credit: utattooing

These extremely long tattoos look really great and all of them are highly recommended to anyone who wants a huge tattoo inked on their body. It might take a bit longer for the tattoo artist to finish the job, but once it’s done, you will realize that all the pain and the weariness are definitely worth it.