12 Cool Spine Tattoo Ideas


Spine tattoos are very cool to look at, and if you are the type that loves to flaunt style, spine tattoos are just the right ones for you. There are a number of designs that can be inked on your spine. Ranging from 3D designs, animals to flower patterns, the list is endless. Let us take you on a tour to see 12 super cool spine tattoos that are doing the rounds this year:

1. Beautiful spine tattoo idea

The spine tattoo shown in the image looks sexy and beautiful. It looks tribal in design and goes all the way down. Done in black, the spine tattoo looks awesome on this girl’s back.

Beautiful spine tattoo idea

Image credit: tattoo-ideas


2. Letter spine tattoo idea

On the back, there are some letters inked right from the nape and down the spine. The letters are Chinese and are tattooed in black colour. This use of black coloring makes the spine tattoo attractive.

Letter spine tattoo idea

Image credit: designcalorie

3. Phases of moon spine tattoo

There is something very sassy about this unique moon phase tattoo inked on the woman’s spine. There are eight phases depicted on the back, each having its own shading in black colour. The tattoo looks unique and sexy.

Phases of moon spine tattoo

Image credit: pinterest

4. Cool spine tattoo idea

This tattoo is similar in kind to the Chinese one, but, here the letters are inked in English and appear slightly longer in length. The tattoo is eye grabbing.

Cool spine tattoo idea

Image credit: pelfind

5. Hebrew spine tattoo idea

Hebrew language is an all time favorite with tattoo lovers since it looks sexy and has different meanings. The Hebrew tattoo shown below is inked all the way down the spine and looks smart.

Hebrew spine tattoo idea

Image credit: stealherstyle

6. Spine wing tattoo idea

The design of the wing tattoo is unique and looks fabulously etched on the back. The wings are inked right from inside towards the shoulders. The whole spine looks elaborately designed and sexy.

Spine wing tattoo idea

Image credit: favim


7. Sanskrit spine tattoo idea

The Sanskrit language is not just one of the oldest but it is also an inspirational design for many people when it comes to tattooing. Seen below is a Sanskrit spine design inked neatly from top to bottom. There is a pattern inked on top and below the quote that compliments the whole look.

Sanskrit spine tattoo idea

Image credit: deviantart

8. Gray and white spine tattoo idea

An unique spine tattoo, the design is very pretty and just not very glaring or over the top. It looks subtly charming and eye catching.

Gray and white spine tattoo idea

Image credit: creativefan

9. Tribal spine tattoo idea

Tribal designs are always in vogue and this spine tattoo looks just perfect on the chiseled back of the man. The design resembles the spine and looks cool.

Tribal spine tattoo idea

Image credit: fashionnitti

10. Blossom spine tattoo idea

There is a very pleasant feeling when you see this spine tattoo inked on people’s backs. The pink coloured flowers together with Chinese letters look extremely beautiful and appealing.

Blossom spine tattoo idea

Image credit: hubpages

11. Quotes spine tattoo idea

The spine looks sexy with this inspirational quote tattoo inked on the spine in black colour. It is simple but attractive.

Quotes spine tattoo idea

Image credit: pelfind


12. Spinal cord tattoo idea

If there is one spine tattoo that looks eerie but smart at the same time, then, it has to be the spinal cord tattoo that jets out right from the pelvic bone and goes all the way up the nape of the neck. Done in black, the design looks unique and beautiful.

Spinalcord tattoo idea

Image credit: tattooton

After having gone through the above list of spine tattoos, I am sure you all must be itching to get one of these babies inked on your spines today! These spine tattoos are not just beautiful, but are also meaningful and are perfect to be flaunted with panache.