12 Best White Ink Tattoo Ideas


White ink tattoos are a spectacle wherever you go. Here are tips that will come in handy to those wishing to go white and never turn back. The delicacy of the tattoo makes it important to have the right information before even thinking of the design. Here are the key things to know together with top designs you might want to try out.

1. Tribal white ink tattoos

There is a general feeling that white ink tattoos fade so fast. This one in particular tends to disagree with that opinion.

Tribal tattoos inked in white

Image credit: Tattoolove


2. White ink Wrist tattoo

Looking backward you must appreciate the fact that so much has gone into white ink tattooing and this minimal design is testament to the same.

White Ink Wrist tattoo design ideas

Image credit: Findembassy

3. Trendy White Ink Tattoo

This tattoo is a switch from the conventional to new grounds where the quality of a white ink tattoo is measured by both design and longevity unlike the past.

Trendy White Ink designs

Image credit: Fash4fashion

4. Stylish white tattoo

The detail and quality that has gone into this work goes to show the type of outcome to expect when professionalism is not compromised.

white tattoo design ideas

Image credit: Whiteinktattooscenter

5. Special White Ink Tattoo

This is an exciting tattoo idea which will definitely attract as mush attention as admiration.

New White Ink Tattoos

Image credit: Whiteinktattoos

6. Pattern White Ink Tattoos

If there are dream tattoo designs then this qualifies as one of those designs that not even the usual tattoo artist would phantom.

White Ink Tattoo work

Image credit: Tattoos20


7. Matching white ink tattoos

An up close view of this tattoo shows every great detail of this tattoo design. They say a tattoo should even inspire and this one fits the bill.

Matching white ink tattoo for couples

Image credit: Eighteenandfree

8. Exclusive white ink tattoo

This coherent tattoo design is the epitome of quality right from its broadness to the detail involved in its design.

Exclusive white ink tattoo on the back

Image credit: Blogspot

9. Forearm white ink tattoo

Conservatives will love this since it is well concealed and clothing help in making it even more hidden.

Forearm white ink tattoo

Image credit: Tattoomagz

10. Flowered White Ink Tattoo

All good things come in small packs and the tiny but well spread out bits of detail will most likely add to the marvel this tattoo attracts.

Flowered White Ink Tattoo in full glow

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11. Drawn White Ink tattoo

There has been so much talk about tattoos and meanings but there is no easier way of expressing yourself than by using a pretty and elaborate white ink tattoo.

Drawn White Ink tattoo on the arm

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12. Cool White Ink Tattoos

A symmetrical tattoo looks sophisticated and that brings with it a very good feeling for the owner and reputation for the artist; very much a win-win situation.

White Ink Tattoos for ladies

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No one had imagined white ink tattoos will grow so much in popularity to the level of being sought after by the fashion shapers. It is common practice today for celebrities to have white ink tattoos owing to their uniqueness and exclusivity. The reward is also very satisfying since a well done white ink tattoo is a sight to behold.